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Anime Lineup Fall 2008!

Let’s get to business shall we? Here’s a quick rundown of some of the anime series airing this Fall (at least the ones that caught our attention). Check them out!

Clannad After Story

Summary: This is the sequel to KyoAni’s Clannad TV series and the next-issue preview in the August issue (released on July 10) of Gakken’s Animedia magazine indicates that the next Clannad anime project, Clannad After Story, will hold its premiere in the fall.

(Taken from Anime News Network @

Genre: Romance, Slice of Life


7 says: I like this series. To be quite honest, I’m still finishing up on the first season.

Shala says: To be honest, I have never watched the series Clannad.

Ceriel says: Never watched Clannad, but I intend to do so.

Chance of watching:

7 says: Will definitely watch.

Shala says: I don’t know… it depends.

Ceriel says: Yes, most likely.

Chance of blogging:

7 says: Sure, why not?

Shala says: 7 will most likely blog this.

Ceriel says: I will not blog.

ef – a tale of melodies

Summary: Sequel to ef – a tale of memories.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural


7 says: Looks very promising. I have heard a lot of good thing about this series. But yet again, I have not watch the first season (please forgive me). Let’s see, how long is this season again? Twelve? Oh goody, I can definitely catch up!

Shala says: Just like 7 I have never watched the first session, though I doubt I’ll have the time to catch up and watch (I’m sorry T_T!).

Ceriel says: I’ve never seen the first season and this anime does not appeal to me.

Chance of watching:

7 says: Will definitely watch.

Shala says: I shall see… try to persuade me ^-^

Ceriel says: Very little chance of watching.

Chance of blogging:

7 says: Most likely will blog, assuming I catch up.

Shala says: I’ll leave that to 7 too. =D

Ceriel says: I will not blog.

Hakushaku to Yōsei

Summary: The story is set in 19th century England and centers on a “fairy doctor” named Lydia. Her life takes a 180-degrees turn when she meets a legendary blue knight count named Edgar and his crew. He hires her as an adviser during his quest to obtain a treasured sword that was supposed to be handed down to him by his family.

(Taken from Anime News Network @

Genre: Adventure, Magic


7 says: Hmmmm….artwork looks nice. Another adventure series again, eh (no I’m not Canadian)? Is that a cat with a hat in the background? I dunno…I’m a little sick with adventure and questing themes. I’m hoping that this series have other themes like romance and a little bit of comedy (maybe the cat can provide that)?

Shala says: This looks promising, but then again pictures and summaries can be misleading. The artwork does catch your eye however; and what’s with the cat? For some reason this reminds me of Alice in Wonderland… (maybe it’s just because of the cat).

Ceriel says: This series looks fabulous! I’m already a sucker for the artwork in the very few images I’ve seen from this anime.  I don’t mind the adventure and magic genre since I haven’t seen much of those lately.  Like 7, I too am hoping that some romance and comedy will be mingled into this series.  If not, well, I’m certain the artwork will make up for that.

Chance of watching:

7 says: Will watch to feed curiosity

Shala says: I shall watch this… just to see why there’s a cat.

Ceriel says: Absolutely.

Chance of blogging:

7 says: Maybe…maybe not.

Shala says: We shall see…

Ceriel says: Sure!

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season

Summary: Gundam 00 Second Season….enough said.

Genre: Drama, Mecha


7 says: Ah, after a half-year wait, the second season is finally here! I’m curious to see what happened to the almighty Celestial Being. After all, they lost one of their members. They should be looking for the replacement. I’ve caught glimpses of who it might be…but until then….

Shala says: After Gundam Seed, I have lost interest in the rest (I’m sorry to you Gundam fans). It’s most likely because of the fact that I’m not very interested in Mecha animes.

Ceriel says: I’ve been watching on and off several of the Gundam series, and I’m honestly not interested.  I do love the characters and music from many of the Gundam series, but I’m having a hard time keeping entertained.  I don’t mean to offend the Gundam fans out there, but just as Shala said, I too have very little interest in Mecha anime.

Chance of watching:

7 says: Will definitely watch.

Shala says: Most likely won’t.

Ceriel says: I will not watch.

Chance of blogging:

7 says: Will definitely blog.

Shala says: Since I probably won’t watch then I definitely won’t blog.

Ceriel says: I will not blog.

Skip Beat!

Summary: Even if Kyoko works three jobs, can’t afford nice clothes and makeup, and doesn’t attend high school , she still feels like a fairytale princess because she is living with her very own prince charming, her childhood friend and new pop idol Sho. Unfortunately, Kyoko discovers that Sho’s feelings for her are less than glamorous; in fact, he is only interested in her as a maid and housekeeper. On learning this, Kyoko’s sweet and innocent dreams are replaced forever by one desperate dream: to get revenge! She will do anything to beat Sho at his own game, show business, whether it be scraping gum off floors or carrying actresses across mountains! But, can getting revenge regain what she has lost: the ability to love.

(Taken from Anime News Network @

Genre: Comedy, Romance


7 says: Comedy and romance? I’m not really a fan of this genre unless for special cases. I’ll be hoping this will be one of them.

Shala says: I’m a very big fan of the manga, so I was very excited to find out that they were releasing an anime.

Ceriel says: Skip Beat! I didn’t know there was an anime series for it.  The manga is quite funny so I’m looking forward to the comedy the anime has to offer.

Chance of watching:

7 says: I will hear from Shala first before watching, since she’s mostly interested in these types of anime.

Shala says: Yes, definitely will!

Ceriel says: I will watch!

Chance of blogging:

7 says: Depends on my chance of watching.

Shala says: Yes of course.

Ceriel says: Probably won’t blog, but we’ll see what happens.

Vampire Knight: Guilty

Summary: Sequel to Vampire Knight

Genre: action, comedy, drama, romance, supernatural


7 says: Ah…another series I’m anticipating!

Shala says: I am up to date with the manga for Vampire Knight and have watched the first season, so I’m very excited to watch Guilty. (though, nothing is going to be a surprise for me…)

Ceriel says: Truthfully, I’ve been squealing in my mind over the release of Guilty.  I found the first season addicting– the main characters magnetic and the underlying feel of mystery spicy! Because I haven’t been exposed to the manga, I do not know more than what the first season provided.  There were some mysteries, I think, left unanswered in the first season, but I am sure that Guilty will be nothing short of surprise.  I’m truly ecstatic and growing impatient about the release date.

Chance of watching:

7 says: Will definitely watch.

Shala says: Definitely!

Ceriel says: You can bet my life on it.

Chance of blogging:

7 says: Will leave it to someone else.

Shala says: Yes, maybe, it depends if 7 or some else wants to blog this as well.

Ceriel says: YEAH.

To be continued later…

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae


Rosario to Vampire CAPU2

Tales of the Abyss



Yozakura Shijuusou~Yozakukura Quartet~



  Korasoff wrote @

After seeing a trailer for Hakushaku to Yosei I’m a bit wary of the bishounen potential. We all know girls cream their panties when you dress young effeminate top men in suits, top hats, and canes, and the cat-thing is simply… scary. Valley of the uncanny scary.

I’ve never seen ANY Gundam at all. Years ago that would have marked me as an otaku outcast. Nowadays, most people tell me they envy me. 😦

  7 wrote @

LOL. Never thought of it that way.

  lbrevis wrote @

Thanks for welcoming me at my blog and the same to you!

I just finished Clannad the other day. I never thought I’d end up watching it, since as a harem show based on a visual novel I figured it would be pretty bad, but I actually liked it quite a bit. I look forward to After Story and in the meantime might try my hand at the game.

  Korasoff wrote @

P.S. I am jealous of your awesome TT header picture. 😀

  7 wrote @

Thanks Korasoff! I spent a lot of time with the header. Gotta relieve that obsession, you know what I’m saying?

  amayalee wrote @

Clannad is very sweet. You should check it out, it may be hard to find though. I think it just got licensed.

  53RG10 wrote @

Out of these, CLANNAD ~After Story~, ef -a tale of melodies, and Gundam 00 Season 2 are a definite watch!

And if you haven’t seen ef -a tale of memories yet, I recommend that you do since it was one of the better anime {and drama} of ’07…well, at least Chihiro and Renji’s side of the story…>_>

  7 wrote @

@53RG10 : OMG. I loved ef. Expect me to make a review of it very soon…as soon as I do my Calculus 3, responsibilities T_T.

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