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Code Geass R2 – Closing Remarks!!!!

Good lord! Another intriguing series just ended…and I have to say, my thoughts and my feelings about Code Geass R2 have never been in so much disagreement. Confused? Allow me to elaborate… Read the rest of this entry »


Macross Frontier – Closing Remarks

Bravo Macross Frontier! What a way good way to end the series! I just can’t believe it ended.

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Fall 2008 Anime Blogging Schedule

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Zero no Tsukaima-Princess no Rondo – Closing Remarks

Alas, another short season has ended. And like the previous seasons, the final episode failed to resolve the plot. King Joseph of Gallia and his familiar, Sheffield are still on the loose, the origins of elven magic has yet to be explored, and the question as to why the magic of the void has been portrayed as the devil’s magic (or something like that) is still unanswered. I probably don’t need to say this but just in case, you can bet about a fourth season coming out, and judging by the show’s past schedules, I would say the next season will come out during the Summer of 2009.

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Three Angels and One Zero – New Gundams to Appear on G00 Season 2

Whats gonna be the names of the gundams this time? Gundam Pope?

What are gonna be the names of the new gundams this time? Gundam Pope?

You probably already know new Gundams would have to appear in the upcoming season, even without seeing the trailers. It’s a no brainer actually, if you watched the last episode of season one, you should know that most of the Gundam models got uber owned to the point of no repair.

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Woot…for a thousand views!!!!

It is this big!

You know how big a thousand is?! IT IS THIS BIG!

So yea… apparently, the site reached the thousand-mark not that long ago. Yes yes…I know it’s a little too early to celebrate but still, I never imagined this to get 1000 (1205 to be exact) views from the time this blog was created, which was what…19 days ago? It’s not even a month yet! This is way beyond my forecasted figures…I didn’t think this blog would get so much hits with only one person actively posting half-assed, superficial topics (the others will make their debut when the Fall series start appearing). But yea, it is how it is, which is why I can’t ignore this incidence, even though I’m aware that 1000 is a very insignificant number when it comes to views.

Of course, I have my audiences to thank for. If it weren’t for you guys, I’d never reach this number. So allow me to say THANK YOU,  especially to amayalee, FuyuMaiden and lostty who were this blog’s first audiences and had been regular visitors ever since. Once again thank you so much.

7 is VERY thankful

7 is VERY thankful

Hopefully, this exponential growth does not stop here. The blog has yet to operate at full capacity when the other authors (who are busy with much more important things as of now) start posting. Wish us luck!

Inescapable Vectors!

Vectors are killing me

The last two weeks in school has been quite brutal, if not unforgiving. Everywhere I go, all I hear about is vectors! Jeez…seriously, I mean I don’t mind having vectors for discussion…they are pretty easy if you ask me. But the fact that I have to hear the same thing for many many times (many to the infinite power) is beginning to be a nuisance!

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