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Clannad – Closing Remarks

Ah, I finally finished the series. Whew! I really thought the series would be past 12 or 13 episodes long! I never thought I’d say this but Clannad has been really enjoyable to watch. I enjoyed the cute artistic rendition of the series’ female characters, especially when their mouth goes away to imply indifference (or something of that nature).

Kawaii Kotomi!

Kawaii Kotomi!!

I can also say the same for its sense of comedy. While other series mostly rely on dialogues and exaggerations to imply something funny, this one uses cutaway gags, in addition to the aforementioned two. If you wish to know what cutaway gags are, go look it up from Wikipedia or better yet, go watch Family Guy! Some examples of this from the series include…

1. Tomoya’s ridiculous misconceptions when Mei mentioned being a cupid of love.

First with Youhei and his sister...

Then Sunohara and Tomoya

...then Youehei and Tomoya.

2. Tomoya pondering what life is like if it were an RPG game.

Notice the Dango

Notice the Dangos.

Character-wise, I’d say it’s just another ‘boy meets a bunch of girls’ scheme, in this case, you have …

1. A sweet innocent girl who wants to revive the drama club.

2. A set of twins who both happen to be class representatives but have two completely polar personalities (one being gentle while the other being aggressive).

3. A genius who’s afraid of bullies.

4. A bully….not. More so of a very tough girl who aims to be student council president.

5. A ghost or someone who is able to perform astral projection.

Okay, enough with pictures. Moving along, I thought how it would be nice to have people (or parents) like Nagisa’s father and mother. I’m very surprised how they can let their daughter do things that no parent  I know can. Mind you, but I haven’t encountered parents who are willing to let a person, who has only met their daughter recently, live in their home – let alone a boy for a couple of days. Jeez man! I wish people were that trusting and trustworthy here! But oh well, Wikipedia did not classify this series ‘Fantasy’ for nothing.

As for the two alternate endings, (yes, there are two) it did not matter to me which way it went, since the plot could have gone both ways. As far as differences are concerned, I thought Tomoya’s ending looked more realistic (most likely to happen in reality) than Nagisa’s.

Like I mentioned earlier, I really really enjoyed the series, though to be quite honest, there were times where I felt the progression of the plot slowed down. I am not exactly sure how and why, but it’s probably because I am used to watching fast paced genres like action instead of drama. Speaking of which, I had to admit there were a couple of scenes that almost made me tear. The first one would be about how Fuko mustered her will to become physically tangible just to organize her sister’s wedding. The second instance would be the last words Kotomi’s parents wrote for their daughter about the beauty of the world.

Nevertheless, I am happy to say that I am eager to see the second season of Clannad.

P.S. I wonder if Fuko will ever wake up? I hope to get this question answered during the second season.

P.P.S. I love this character! She has more initiative when it comes to relationships than Tomoya!

Sunohara Mei - Sounohara Youheis little sister

Sunohara Mei - Sounohara Youhei's little sister



  amayalee wrote @

I loved Clannad. Kotomi and Nagisa own my soul. T.T Such sweet girls. XD Glad you liked it.

  FuyuMaiden wrote @

…my god you’re right! They do use cutaway gags. I can’t believe I never noticed it. Now that explains why I find Clannad so incredibly funny.

Clannad really is a great show. Personally, I think the anime will go for the “third ending”…which is really just a combination of the other two. But that’s just me.

  7 wrote @

@amayalee: Very glad I had an open mind. I would’ve never watch these kinds of anime if I didnt!
Glad I did!

@FuyuMaiden: To be honest, either endings made me feel something was missing. Maybe it’s because I did not want any character to be left alone? I dunno..

  amayalee wrote @

I always have an open mind when I start something…But then I get all like…”Eh..Ok..” And usually switch to something that suits my fancy better. Clannad is so good, and if you liked it I recommend Kanon. Similar animation style, great plot. I personally liked Clannad better though…

  lostty wrote @

I’m so glad you also slightly care about what happens to Fuko, by the end of the series she was completely forgotten!
I would have to agree that the plot did slow down at some points, but as a positive, I believe the second season is going to be only 13 episodes, which means the story will be a lot more condensed. Though, that can also turn out to be a bad thing, but I’m just going to hope otherwise. 😀

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