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True Tears – Closing Remarks

True tears…what I once thought was a plotless, exaggerated, and overly dramatic series turned out to be one of the best Anime I’ve ever seen.

Seriously! I am a guy and everything who is not really that interested in love stories and such, but by the time I finished watching the first episode, I found myself addicted for more and more. Of course, I kept on watching. 🙂

So why did I like this series so much? Well, what’s not to be liked? Every freaking aspect of this series is awesome! One aspect I liked was the…

Music and Artwork

Hey! That background was supposed to be my idea for Photoshop!

Have you seen the the intro for True Tears? Not only was the song really pleasant, but the coordination of the song together with the very vivid artwork really sets the mood. Of course that’s not the only instance. One of the pivotal points in the plot between Shinichiro and Hiromi in episode 11 features a very well composed musical piece to go with the atmosphere¹. To tell you the truth, I’ve been dying to play the piano version of the opening and that specific bgm. It’s just that I could not find the time anymore, let alone find my electric keyboard.

Art-wise, you could tell right from the start how good the characters are drawn, which really complements the background in which they are drawn on. Sad to say, but most of the anime series out there have a so-so quality when it comes to artisitic renditions. In fact, the only other anime i thought who had good quality renditions aside from True Tears was Eureka 7, at least from the ones I’ve seen so far. Maybe there are other series out there I haven’t seen yet, but until then…

Anyway, I cannot help but notice how the three main girls have very uncommon (not dark brown or blackish), yet distinct eye colors. One having blue, while the others have green and what appears to be hazel (blended with red). How convenient! Impossible? Nope. Improbable? You bet!

There’s also the…


The girls...If you want their names, look them up on my About Page.

No doubt that the characters are very well presented. Interesting personalities, well constructed character backgrounds, and life experiences I’m sure most of us (if not all) can relate to. Watching this series made me feel that I myself was in their world. I’m not exactly sure how it makes you feel that way, but if I were to guess, it’s probably because you could tell what the character is thinking without them having to explain it. That being said, there’s only thing (or rather one tool) that can perform such a role…and that would be the facial expressions, specifically the eyes. The eyes are windows to one’s soul..says somebody whose name  I cannot remember. And damn right that somebody is!

So expect to see a lot of this…

Gosh I love that look.

Gosh I love that look.

and this…

Warms the heart...

Warms the heart...

and probably this…

Makes you want to ask what's wrong

But yeah, you get my point.

Moving along to the…


The plot appears to be very simple. Three girls, one guy and you might think you know the rest. Well guess again! To make matters interesting, the storytellers decided to add one more guy to the set of characters. At this point, it would be pretty damn hard to see which person gets who/what…just like playing musical chairs! But hold on, the fun does not stop there! Did I mention the first guy is a flip-flop (some who can’t make up their mind)? Good luck guessing!

Say Whaat?! A flip flop you say?!

Say Whaat?! Did you say flip flop?!

If there are a couple of things that I did not like about this series, it would be the fact that it’s only 13 episodes long. There’s also the issue of an open ending – this one killed me the most. It’s like having cold turkey all of a sudden. But don’t get me wrong…while I do resent having expectations build up throughout the series only to ruin them all at the end, I also think it’s a good way to finish a good story.

So shortcomings aside, I can easily say in a nutshell that this series is one of my favorites…and definitely one that will last long in my best interests.

¹WARNING: The following is a spoiler picture in reference to episode 11. You are strongly discouraged not to reveal the spoiler unless you have finished the series or passed watching episode 11. If you honestly think you have met these requirements, please proceed to the next page.


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  amayalee wrote @

I watched this. ^.^ I really liked it, but I’ve seen a few that top it. I really didn’t like who he ended up with though…I was rooting for her the whole time too. But upon reflection, I would rather he ended up with Noe. 😛

  7 wrote @

@amayalee: I don’t know about that. I don’t like the fact that Shin is being forced upon to go out with Noe. I rather have Shin end up with Hiromi (Hiromi FTW!). But like I said before, they did not brief enough to know what happened in the end…which drove me insane.

  amayalee wrote @

Hm, well the entire time I was wanting him to end up with Hiromi and everyone else was like “NOE” and I just kind of shrugged it off. I just think that Noe is cute and sweet and deserves to have someone like him. XD Besides, Hiromi was in the emo corner so much that I put my head through a wall! I really do like her though.

  7 wrote @

Hey! Hiromi wasn’t on the emo corner! Is she? Then again, I can’t blame people if they think so. After all, she’s been feeling alone all that time and bottling up her feelings whenever at Shin’s residence.

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