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School Administrators Suck!

Apparently, my classes started today. Everything from the time my class started until the time it ended was going smoothly, save for professors with horrible accents teaching a very challenging class. But even then, all was well.

would have been cool if I had this guy for a professor instead

It would have been cool if I had this guy for a professor instead.

For the last couple of months, I have always been planning my school schedule

(yes, I can change my classes as I see fit) so that it can go seamlessly with my work schedule. Thankfully, those couple of months went well as planned. Of course, it wasn’t without making some sacrifices. There were a lot of days that I had to wake up early and go home late from work just so that I can meet the minimum number of hours I had to work. It would not have been half bad for a person who does not go to school at the same time, but to be able to stay awake long enough to study a material that’s going to be tested the following day is like, well, not as easy as it looks like. There were also a couple of times I had to go work on a Saturday while the rest of the employees are enjoying their time somewhere else, especially when people have meetings on what work you’ve done. Anyhow, the point is I’ve always it made my schedules agree with one another against all obstacles.

Then comes my school schedule for Fall 2008 semester, which I’ve been planning for weeks. As always, I was able to pull off a schedule where I can take all my classes and still meet my minimum hours at work…until today. When I got home, I recieved a phone message from my school saying that one of my classes was canceled due to an insufficient number of people who enrolled. I was like…you tell me this when classes already started?! F*** these administrators and their poor administrative skills!

Say whaat?!

My class was canceled because you were short by two people?!?!

So yea, all that careful planning just went down the drain. To make matters worse, it’s not a class I can just easily swap for another one I was planning to take later. That’s because this class is a prerequisite of another one I’m taking next semester…if I take this class later, I will have to take the the succeeding class much much later. Then my transfer to a university will be postponed, which in turn will violate one of the conditions in my scholarship! Thankfully though, the class was offered at another time…which is where my problem resides. If I take that class, my schedules will get disrupted. Ugh, I just hope I can persuade my superiors to make my work schedule even more flexible. Even if they did, that would mean I have to work my ass even harder than before…all for canceling a class because they were two people short of attendees!

Its your fault!

It's your fault!

This wasn’t actually their biggest blunders. Back then when I chose to declare a major, I specifically told them to put me on a course that will lead me to CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. But I think they heard CHEMISTRY. Stupid people…they, the school admins and counselors out of all people, should know that those are two different majors. Unfortunately, I did not realize that I was taking the wrong classes until three weeks later, when I saw a school brochure on a program/course called, ENGINEERING SCIENCE. I immediately spoke to my dean and advisers to change my classes, which they did…but because I was three weeks later from my appropriate classes, I had to buy books from the school bookstore (which by the way are a ripoff, since prices are insanely high) and cram like I never had before!

Well, there goes my efforts. I never thought it would be all for nothing. I am planning to let the higher ups know about the issue, and hopefully, prevent this from happening to anyone ever again. Then again, I’m the type of person who is resilient enough to issues such as this one, so I don’t know…In the meantime, I better get a good explanation for the sudden change of schedule for my bosses at work. Hopefully, they can see through this…



  amayalee wrote @

O.O Only two people short? That’s it? What a stupid reason to cancel a class. Looks like it’s gonna be hell for you, those administrators have no respect! 😛

  7 wrote @

Yea, two people short…It’s sad really…

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