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Must Have Anime Super Abilities

Super Power Time!

Now you guys are anime viewers, right? Good! I’m pretty sure most of you, at one point of time or another, encountered the thought of having a supercool super abilities you just saw from anime. So you’re there imagining how life would be like if had the privilege of having one, until a question gets to your head…the question of what ability to get.

If you ask me, I have a couple on my mind…I simply cannot decide one above all others. I do, however, have preferences, or rankings so to speak. Starting from ….

10. Alter Ego

The split personality is represented through Heterochromia.

As used by: Allelujah/Hallelujah Haptism

What it is: Come on, you have to be living out with the hillbillies not to know what an alter ego is.

Why it is interesting: It might not look very super from the start, until you realize we’re talking about Allelujah Haptism from Gundam 00. The thing is, whenever his alter ego, Hallelujah, takes over, Gundam Kyrios’ pilot gains a boost in killer instict, making the Gundam, along with its pilot, a deadly and effective killing machine.

09. Energy Sourcing

I wonder where Mozilla Firefox got its name from...

As used by: Naruto from Kyubi

What it is: Basically, the ability to convert one form of energy to another, which happens to be the Demon Fox Kyubi in this case. Furthermore, because Kyubi (or rather its chakra) is so freakishly massive, Naruto won’t have to worry about running out of chakra when creating or using jutsus. He does, however, have to worry about his life, since his lifespan shortens every time he uses the demon’s chakra.

Why it is interesting: Are you kidding? With this amount of energy, who knows how much cities you can power up? Not only will you be able to have free, and non-gasoline-based (and green….don’t forget green!), you can mold it into a super ownage jutsu! The great thing about having a massive source of energy is that the choices you have on what to do with it, is only limited by your imagination, just like Naruto uses it for things like accelerated healing, speed and strength boost, and enhanced reflexes and awareness.

08. Innate Capability

Saito the Gandalfr and Derflinger

As used by: Hiraga Saito

What it is: Having innate capability means your are able to do something naturally without learning it. As for Saito’s case, any weapon he touches gives him instant mastery of that weapon.

Why it is interesting: How would you like to know how to do something without having to go through seemingly endless praticing? Don’t you just get tired of people telling you, “Practice makes perfect”? I know I am. What’s even more thought-provoking is that I find the same people saying, “There is no such thing as perfect.”

07. Alchemy

Lets burn...

Need a light?

As used by: Almost everyone from FMA.

What it is: Alchemy is actually an ancient pseudoscience (fake science), which might have been the predecessor to the science that is chemistry.

Why it is interesting: “Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.” That was the first law of equivalent exchange, as stated by Alphonse Elric. The idea is closely similar to the real Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy. The only difference is that you transmutate materials of one form to another, without regard for work and energy. In other words, if you had all the pieces that would make an iPod, even if has not been assembled yet, you could make it into..well…an iPod!

Holy cow! If alchemy was a real science, I would’ve been aiming to become an alchemist. But seeing that it nowhere close to being a possibility, I resorted to chemical engineering.

06. Time Manipulation

He can make you think its already year 3000.

He can make you think it's already year 3000.

As used by: Rollo Lamperouge.

What it is: Time Manipulation…you might think of being able to stop, slow or even rewind time….and you are right. But in Rollo’s case, it’s more manipulating somebody’s perception of time, and since I do not know the name of that ability, I’ll just classify it as Time Manipulation.

Why it is interesting: Hah! If you have this kind of power, you will be never ever be late for class. Exploit this ability, and you can also make everyone think you are the fastest being alive.

05. Illusion

Dummy Aizen!

Dummy Aizen!

As used by: Sosuke Aizen

What it is: Illusions…nothing to explain here.

Why it is interesting: Same here…nothing to explain about, except that it’s a very handy ability to have. In this case, rather than only fooling your sense of sight, Aizen can fool your other four senses as well.


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  Kyu wrote @

Nothing could beat the power of RESOLVE, and FRIENDSHIP.

  amayalee wrote @

I’d like to have the energy manipulation ability, that’s pretty awesome. And since I love Shoujo, I think a transformation would be awesome too!

  Ceriel wrote @

I want time manipulation! T_T I would extend due dates for homework. Woo!

  FuyuMaiden wrote @

I’m particularly into mind control myself, but everything sounds good (especially tha almighty epower of God wielded by Haruhi).

But I have to add in the same as amayalee about transformations as a mahou shoujo fan. I want to be able to wake up in the morning and get dressed in a magical glow and sparkly world. Other mahou shoujo powers (like not wearing a mask and still not being recognized) would just be icing on the cake.

  kanzeon wrote @

I totally agree with those mentioned above. Time manipulation, mind control and shape-shifting is really cool!!! I would also like the power of regeneration or the power of not aging XD!!! …but nothing really beats the power of being FABULOUS XD lol!

  Shala wrote @

For me, the powers I want would be time manipulation, illusion, and probability/data manipulation. All these would help me in volleyball. I can use time manipulation to give me more time to finish assignments. Illusion would be used during the game; I can create an illusion that the ball went in (when it didn’t), confuse the referees, etc. Data manipulation would also be used similarly.

Then my team would always win MWUAHAHHAHAHA. xD LMAO.

  kielmaru07 wrote @

I really liked Time Manipulation and Illusion 😀

  omisyth wrote @

Can’t argue that the ability to manipulate the fabric of space and time isn’t awesome. But you forgot one thing…

  Ceriel wrote @

LOL @ omisyth’s comment xD

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