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ef-a tale of memories – Closing Remarks

After thirteen short episodes, I finally managed to finish watching  ef – a tale of memories without having to sacrifice the time I alotted for my other responsibilities!

Let’s see…where should we start? Oh I know!

Early Preconceptions and First Impressions

I saw a lot of promotional pictures for the series, then it hit me that the drawing style was so similar to another series I’ve seen. I kept wondering and wondering what it was, until I saw the opening credits for ef on its first episode…Geneon Entertainment.  The only other series I’ve seen where Geneon was featured as a sponsor was Nabari No Ou, the series whom I thought bore a close resemblance to ef. But after being scarred by how Nabari No Ou just got more and more boring (it’s all about Yoite…more on this some other time), I started to have hesitations…whether or not I should what might be a potentially boring anime.

I kept asking myself who this nun was who kept appearing out of nowhere. Did not know until the end.

I kept asking myself who this nun was who kept appearing out of nowhere. Did not know until the end.

But I didn’t. I watched the first episode, and I found it to be rather, uhm well, colorful. I don’t mind having this much colors flash before my eyes, but this is simply too much! I felt like I was having psychedelic moments. It also reminded me of those poor Japanese children who suffered epileptic seizures watching Pokemon because of a scene that involved a flash of lights with rapid alternating colors (more of that here).  But to add to the disappointment, I was scratching my head for the first three episodes, trying to figure out the plot of the series. Maybe it’s just me, but I think they could have done a better way of introducing the characters. I also have to admit that I did get bored whenever they get into too much drama. Then again, there were times where I can’t help but pay very close attention. In a sense, if I were to plot my interest levels in a graph, it would look like a sine wave….sometimes very interesting, some times very boring. Speaking of iterests…

My eyes hurt when I saw the sharp contrast.

My eyes hurt when I saw the sharp contrast in the background...

Interesting Aspects

Let me rephrase…I did say the colorful graphics were a bit too much, but the transitional effects they used from one scene to another was simply awesome. Having the spontaneous flashing of colors aside, I think the animators did a very neat and cool job. I also thought the whole series was a little bit mind-boggling too. This was evident around scenes involving Kei and Miyako, especially when they are trying to lay their strategies out against one another just so they can win Hiro’s heart. Gawd, I loved the psych thrill all the way to the end…I could not believe Miyako was capable of sleeping with Hiro nor could I believe that such scenes were present in this series. My reactions?…KEI GOT OWNED! Kei was too slow to move anyway – it’s no surprise she lost to Miyako.

...I do like the special effects, decals in this case.

...I do like the special effects, decals in this case...

...and glowing silhouettes on another.

...and glowing silhouettes on another.

But who could forget about Renji and Chihiro? I always thought they were goint to be the cute, innocent type of couple…I was dead wrong, well, more like mostly wrong. Renji and Chihiro…who could’ve thought they were capable of something…NAUGHTY? Anyhow, I am impressed how most of the plot’s conflict resided with this couple…Chihiro having her short term memory problem, which is interfering with her love life and Renji having to put up with Chihiro and her condition. The good thing about this is that it made me really pay attention to hints on what was going to happen next, and even then I still couldn’t predict what was going to happen. The ending sequence between the two was most befitting…making audiences think such a relationship was not going to work, only to throw us off with a Deus ex machina scheme. Some people thought it was inappropriate…I beg to differ. It wasn’t called Tale of Memories for nothing, now was it?

I also can’t help but notice how everyone is (kinda) paired with someone at the end, unlike some other series I’ve seen lately. HiroxMiyako, RenjixChihiro, and maybe even KeixKyosuke…wow, nobody’s left out. I don’t know why but it ticks me off (mentally and emotionally) when someone is left alone at the end, and I really appreciated it when nobody got to be that person at the end.

Closing Remarks

In a nutshell, ef – tale of memories would be what dark chocolate is to me…bitter at first, then sweeter as you work your way through. If there’s anything I’ve realized, it is not to make assumptions based from similar works. Having said this, I am happy to say that I am more than willing to watch the second series, as well as blogging it.



Touchdown! Miyako to Kei: 0-1! Wow Kei, even your short-memoried, one-eye-short sister beat you!

Thats one hot chick!

That's one hot chick!

She has the Shinrabanshō too?

She has the Shinrabanshō too?

Anyone get that iPod feeling?

Anyone get that iPod feeling?

I should be really doing my Calculus 3 homework. 😦



  Kitsune wrote @

I like that last screenshot! 🙂

Oh yeah, give some love to vectors – good luck! In my experience CIII was much easier than CII, but that might have been because I had a sadistic teacher in CII lol

  amayalee wrote @

I have yet to watch this, maybe I should now. But I’ve got a pile of anime that is waiting to be watched. I can’t really afford to pick up any more anime until the fall season. T.T Makes me so sad. This looks good though. (Minus the seizures that will be inflicted if I watch it)

  7 wrote @

@Kitsune: You may probably be right about CII. I actually liked it more than any Calc classes I’ve taken. CI for me was like a class I sleep and eat in. CII was more interesting. I have yet to evaluate CIII.

@amayalee: Okay, maybe I exaggerated with the seizures. Don’t worry. I’m sure you will like it.

  kielmaru07 wrote @

This anime is soo good. 😀
I cant wait for the next season.

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