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Ranka and Sheryl Polarity…I don’t get it.

Cosmo and Wanda schemes anyone? You probably don't get the pun.

A couple of weeks ago, my ever restless curiosity led me through multiple blogs which spoke in defense/opposition of Ranka/Sheryl, depending on which blog you visited. While various blogs held various views, I could not help but notice that all blogs I’ve visited had commentators who seem rather ecstatic on their comments about/against Ranka/Sheryl (once again, depending on which commentator). Having said that, I just could not believe the number of people who were so ‘in’ to this polarity of sorts, and I thought it might be something I needed to check out.

Of course, curiosity got the best of me (as usual). I managed to catch up on the latest episode of Macross Frontier (save the latest one they have on RAW), at the expense of my time allotted for doing homework. 😦 To be quite honest, Macross Frontier was not on my list of ‘must watch’ anime this season, simply because I had a bad recollection of Macross. Anyhow…

My say on Ranka Lee

Okay…before I started watching the series, my preconception of Ranka was of an extremely whiny and excessively spoiled brat (thanks to how they were portrayed by certain people). Thank goodness I was wrong. She’s actually kinda sweet and cute. All that time I was watching the episodes, I was very attentive to what could have caused bloggers to have an upheaval. But to tell you the truth, I really didn’t see anything that is to go crazy about (at least not for me). If I have to point my finger, I would guess it’s probably because of Ranka’s refusal to sing during the funeral on Episode 21 and the fact that her feelings somewhat made her song ineffective against the Vajra. This in turn, not only made Macross Frontier fight a somewhat losing battle (heavy casualties), but also led to the Michael’s death. So yea, to think that all of this was because Ranka made a wrong assumption on what she saw from Alto and Sheryl at the wrong timing…that’s just plain bad luck. I don’t know about you, but this is good enough for me as justification for her actions, and unfortunately, all the consequential mishaps that followed. In other words, I do not think it is her fault. Moving right along…

My say on Sheryl Nome

Let’s see…the first time I saw Sheryl, I thought she was the representation of some of the contemporary celebrities we have – plastic, only good in front of the camera but a disgrace to society otherwise. I can’t help but consider how the animators’ portrayals of Sheryl made my early thoughts on her just more and more plausible. One such example on how a minor character (whose name and/or appearance I cannot recall) called her ‘Galactic Bitch,’ after being a victim to her seemingly snobby attitude. There’s also frequent cases where she constantly uses the phrase “I am Sheryl Nome” as means of justifying how everything is possible through her. Don’t get me wrong…I personally do not have anything against Sheryl. These simply are my first impressions on her…and thankfully, such interpretations remained only being first impressions. Apparently, Sheryl has a gentler and vulnerable side, which I think is pretty normal for a girl (no pun intended). What intrigues me the most is that she’s been living life to the fullest despite her no-cure disease. Then again, her demeanors might be the likely cause why some people think Sheryl is bitchy. Then it just dawned to me that this was most similar to what Sheryl was called by one of the characters, which I just mentioned earlier. So…

What’s The Fuss About?

Call me blind, but I still don’t get why people are having a riot with these two. I mean up until now, all of what Ranka and Sheryl have been doing are reasonable, except maybe when Ranka decided to leave for the Vajra. Even then, it kinda make sense, since we have been hinted by her strong yet latent connections to those insectisoid lifeforms. I have to say, I’m slightly dissapointed. I really thought I was going to find something intriguing. Is it because of the love triangle they share with Alto that’s making these people crazy? I can only guess for now. But needless to say, we can agree this is a pretty good series, right? Of course it is. How can you not agree when there’s so much Ranka/Shirly disputes? That just tells me that the animators are doing a decent job keeping audiences attracted to a specific character.

So who’s side are you on?

Yea...just who's side are you on? I advise you not to make a mistake.

The moment I wrote this post, I know this question (or something similar) will haunt me sooner or later. Better answer this now and regret later. So…my pick would be…neither. Actually, it’s kinda hard to say. I like both Ranka and Sheryl for qualities the other person lacks. I like Ranka because of the many facets to her personalities, mannerims, etc. While her actions are generally childish, I like the fact how she is slowly starting to act a little bit mature (more so when Alto’s involved), much like a metamorphosis of sorts. When it comes to Sheryl, I simply admire her outlook on life…she never gives up. I mean, you gotta give her credit for having a strong will to move forward despite her hardships (a downtime in her singing career and her fatal illness). As for the love triangle, I really could care less who Alto ends up with, simply because which ever way it goes, the fact remains someone will be left out, and I think I’ve made it a point on past posts that I do not like it when someone is left out.

Macross F is probably one series I should’ve blogged from the start. It’s too late to make a post for each episode, so I guess I’ll just make a closing remark for the whole thing.



  FuyuMaiden wrote @

Thank you for your sanity! Exactly, what’s the point? I don’t get why everyone was all up-in-arms about Ranka acting like a teenager. As for Sheryl, well that was always reserved for the comments and not so much the actual blogging, so I didn’t notice it for a long time. But hell yes that was unnecessary too.

Love triangles show up like this every once in a while where everyone gets way too invested in it and it becomes personal. Especially with guys being all into their ladies. Though perhaps I’m biased as a Ranka fan having dealt with some a**holes, but the Sheryl fans seem particularly annoying, calling Ranka a bitch and saying that if Alto chooses her they’ll hate the series. Wow.

Maybe if I was actually invested in the love triangle, I’d be like that too. Personally, I’m on the “Alto with no one” ship because I like both Ranka and Sheryl (I just like Ranka more). No matter what way the series goes I won’t hate the series though.

But yeah! Thank you for coming into Macross F at this stage, looking around, and saying, “What’s the big deal?” Because most people watching the series all this time seems to lack the ability to think that way.

  amayalee wrote @

I agree with you about Ranka’s situation. I don’t understand what everyone blew up over. She didn’t really even do anything BAD. I love Ranka, and I like Sheryl, I’m not on a side at all. Why? Because I do not like Alto. I find Alto as a male lead to indecisive and lacking too many good qualities. He gets so wrapped up in who ever he is with at the moment, that he forgets everyone else who care about him. I don’t support any pairing with Alto. If Ranka ended up with Alto, I would be fine with it, because she’d be happy. If Sheryl ended up with Alto (Not likely since she’s dieing) I would have been fine with, save for that fact that it would hurt Ranka.

The fuss over episodes 19-22 was just pathetic drama drug up by fans. I though Ranka was being a tad bit childish, but that is Ranka. Otherwise, I find nothing to blame her for. She’s cute, sweet, and I just love her.

  amayalee wrote @

Rofl at the “Cosmo Wanda” thing by the way! 😛

  7 wrote @

@FuyuMaiden: Glad you share the same opinion as I do! But seriously, I was scratching my head for a long time as to why people overreacted for something so small. Tsk..tsk…people these days.

@amayalee: I agree with what you said about Alto. He’s like a switchboard…he goes towards whoever turns him on last. 🙂 That just makes me think that the only condition to win his heart is to be the latest person to interact with him.

The Cosmo/Wanda pun (and all the rest of the puns I intentionally put on my posts) are my way of getting to know people indirectly by things they recognize. Neat huh?

  amayalee wrote @

It is pretty neat! An interesting way to find out about people!

  Shin wrote @

But you still like Ranka better right? P:

  7 wrote @

@Shin: No more than Sheryl. 🙂

  kielmaru07 wrote @

Ranka ish the bestest!!1

  kanzeon wrote @

I really love Ranka. She’s the type of character that I’ve gotten attached since when I started watching Macross F. Now that Macross F will be ending soon, I hope it would get a happy, if not, a somewhat contenting ending for Ranka, Alto-hime, Sheryl, and everyone.

  blitzero21 wrote @

I laughed at the Cosmo and Wanda joke

  Kitsune wrote @

“So…my pick would be…neither. Actually, it’s kinda hard to say. I like both Ranka and Sheryl for qualities the other person lacks.”

Omg, you are just like Alto! >:| [insert random Ozuma quote] 😛

Overall, the phenomena can be explained. Once a person chooses a side, s/he has to justify such a selection to her/himself. You can either be right or wrong. Thus, those who didn’t pick the same side as you are wrong 😛 This type of thinking lead to many grave events in history…

As you mentioned, the fact that the series generated such heated discussions speaks of the skills of the authors.

  omisyth wrote @

Why can’t we all just get along. I agree, 7, neutrality is the only way.

  7 wrote @

@Kitsune: It’s called “having the best of both worlds,” then again, it’s also called “sitting on the fence.” Whatever way it gets interpreted is entirely arbitrary. 🙂

@omismyth: Neutrality is symmetry…Symmetry is beauty!

  Kitsune wrote @

Oh yeah, everything has to be SYMMETRICAL!!! 😛

  7 wrote @

@ Kitsune: Haha! Good video…but it only covers reflectional symmetry. I would love to see an anime character obsessed on all four kinds.

  Kitsune wrote @

I bet you enjoy vector calculus 😛

  unsquared wrote @

Gold star for you!

The ship wars both disappoint and anger me. XD; Something that really nicks at me is when people put down one girl in favor of the other. Showing your appreciation’s fine, but bashing another is just…argh. From what I’ve seen on forums and a certain blog, Sheryl-only fans are really aggressive and angry… ;;

I rather like Ranka, but I wouldn’t be opposed to ending it the other way (and I get this feeling that it might). Honestly, everyone should just join their hands together and engage in an orgy! OT3 or OT9000 ftw. 8Db

  Oki wrote @

Damn straight! While part of me prefers Ranka the reality is that I love both of them. I wish the movie wasn’t going to confirm it. Either way I’m going to end up hating the canon and feeling bad for the loser and shipping her more firmly with Alto.


Ranka/Sheryl FTW

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