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Inescapable Vectors!

Vectors are killing me

The last two weeks in school has been quite brutal, if not unforgiving. Everywhere I go, all I hear about is vectors! Jeez…seriously, I mean I don’t mind having vectors for discussion…they are pretty easy if you ask me. But the fact that I have to hear the same thing for many many times (many to the infinite power) is beginning to be a nuisance!

Before I go to more ranting, you must be wondering what vectors are (at least a good 65% of the people who come across this post from my conservative estimates will be saying ‘WTF is he talking about?’). For starters, vectors (in Math and Sciences) are quantities that not only have magnitude, but also have direction, as compared to scalars who only have magnitude. In plain and simple English, anything you measure with direction is a vector (i.e. a force pushing to the right, velocity of a particle traveling north, etc.) while anything otherwise are scalars (i.e. length, mass, etc.). And because vectors deal with direction, they are best represented with arrows.

Going back to ranting…the past two weeks has been nothing but this stupid topic! No matter what subject I went to, every professor was talking about vectors! I thought I was the only one intrigued…but it turned out my classmates felt the same way. If there is ever such a thing as faculty conspiracy…you can bet your ass this was it. This is how my class went for the week…

1. Calculus 3 – Vectors in 3D

2. Statics and Dynamics – Forces acting on an object

3. Organic Chemistry 1 – Molecular Polarity and Direction

Well’s that’s most of my classes alright. You see how all of these have all those arrow thingmajigs? My eyes are just so tired of seeing those. Good lord, at least when I got home, I will be temporarily relieved of vectors. Woot! Time to watch some anime! Soul Eater was on the list. But as soon as I tuned in the web to watch…the first thing I saw was….Medusa’s Vector Sorcery!!!! You have got to be f***ing kidding me!!!!

Apparently, Medusa teaches vectors too....



  lbrevis wrote @

You should play The World Ends With You. There’s no vectors in it. None at all.

  omisyth wrote @


  amayalee wrote @

Thank you, my brain hurts now because of that! *Head Desk* I hate math…>.<

  kanzeon wrote @

Woah… vectors… I just remembered Math and Physics… Ouch…

  odnamra13 wrote @

soooo the vector is the squiggly thing pointing at the other thing?

  7 wrote @

@odnamra13: Not necessarily. Vectors are anything with a magnitude (how much) and a direction (where to). The fact that an arrow is used is to make it easier to understand where something is going.

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