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Zero no Tsukaima-Princess no Rondo – Closing Remarks

Alas, another short season has ended. And like the previous seasons, the final episode failed to resolve the plot. King Joseph of Gallia and his familiar, Sheffield are still on the loose, the origins of elven magic has yet to be explored, and the question as to why the magic of the void has been portrayed as the devil’s magic (or something like that) is still unanswered. I probably don’t need to say this but just in case, you can bet about a fourth season coming out, and judging by the show’s past schedules, I would say the next season will come out during the Summer of 2009.

Harem Characters Galore

One of the first things I’ve noticed from this season is that three (or maybe four, depending on how you look at it) more girls join Saito’s harem circle, in addition to its current ‘members.’ Then again, Kirche goes for Colbert-sensei, so generally speaking, Saito has a net gain of two or three…Just to be sure we’re on the same page, the three/four new recruits are…


You feeding my dragon turns me on...

Who would’ve thought the intelligent yet reserved Tabitha could attain the same tier of which Louise and Siesta belong to? I did not expect her to gain an interest in Saito, mainly because she’s barely interested in somebody else’s bussiness! Then again, this is a Harem series, so I should’ve figured. However, I’m not satisfied about how she suddenly got attracted to Saito just because he fed her dragon. Moving along…

Princess Henrietta

Your royal horny-ness highness

At least when compared to Tabitha, her reason is more predictable. I mean come on, she lost her ONLY love on Season 2 – it’s only natural if she set her eyes on someone else for closure. And since the only guy within her radar is Saito…well, you know the rest. But judging from how she’s willing to risk her friendship with Louise just to obtain Saito, all I can say is either she’s really lonely, or really horny. As to how you perceive this, is entirely up to your wonderful imagination! 🙂 Do remember that this is a Harem anime. Next up…


Elven magic at its finest

What most people probably do not realize is that her role in the series is not just limited to promoting the Harem theme. If you remember way back in Season 2, it was because of her magic that Saito is well and alive. If it wasn’t for her, there wouldn’t be a Saito…and no Saito means no Season 3 and Zero no Tsukaima would just be, well, zero. But I don’t blame the audiences for not realizing this, expecially after seeing that ‘rack’ of hers. Good lord! At this point, I think we know that elven magic simply pwns all others….I don’t know about you, but any kind of sorcery that is able to make that certain part of female anatomy grow in MAGICAL PROPORTIONS is all powerful to me (yes, pun intended).


She can magically transform into a dragon, but cannot make clothes appear...

Not much I can say about her aside from being Tabitha’s familiar and someone who is also apparently capable of inducing nosebleeds. Note that I said three/four additions to Saito’s Harem circle. Sylpheed/Irukukwu is the fourth.

Interesting and Disappointing Aspects

There are a couple of things I did not like about this season, mainly how this season did very badly on character/plot development (don’t get me wrong, the characters are all well presented).Take the girls I mentioned earlier for example – I love the fact that the addition of more girls would lead to more comedic tensions between Louise and Saito (more of Saito getting beat up). But somehow, I feel that there has been less of these compared to the other two seasons, which brings me to my next point. I did not like how most of the season focused more on Tabitha and less on Saito/Louise. I mean for Pete’s sake, the series is called Zero no Tsukaima, not Tabitha no Tsukaima.

Thankfully, I haven’t lost interest on this series. I still love this series makes me laugh, and I still love the kawaii moments between Saito and Louise, so relax. If there is anything I liked in particular about this series, it would be how Colbert-Sensei and Agnes set aside their differences. I cannot blame Agnes getting back at Colbert-sensei for his (and his squad’s) fatal error in the past, but my impression of her just gain a new level when she mentioned something about breaking the chain of hatred.

Closing Remarks

Having all of the above said, you can be sure that I will be watching and blogging Season 4 (if it ever comes out, which I bet it will).



  Ceriel wrote @

Tabitha…that was unexpected.

  aminelover wrote @

in the 2 season in colbert-sensi’s flase fatle state i cryed, and it was so sad for me and it was the only episode ever i cry on and then turned into anger when he was fine.

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