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Fall 2008 Anime Blogging Schedule

– Schedule subject to change without notice.

– Blogging is around 0 to 4 days after SUB version is released.

– Other authors have yet to make their picks.

– Series that are subject for blogging are highlighted by the author’s avatar



  Fall 2008 Anime Blogging Schedule wrote @

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  kanzeon wrote @

Wow! Cool checklist with Death the Kid blinking images! I love it!

  omisyth wrote @

Much better than my poorly edited Fall 08 preview opinions. I cannot counter your awesome GIF attack.

  53RG10 wrote @

Bad ass GIF is bad ass!

Everyone seems to be on the Chaos:Head train…so I’ll go with the Kewl Kidz and join them too! ^_^

  blitzero21 wrote @

looks like you guys will be busy this fall as well

  Kitsune wrote @

Oh, that is an interesting way to designate anime you’ll blog about 🙂

You have an ambitious schedule 🙂

  Ceriel wrote @

Aw, the ones I wanted are taken! >_> I’ll have to compromise…

  amayalee wrote @

I’ve made my picks! ^.^ Let’s just hope I can keep up.

  lostty wrote @

Wow, that’s a pretty fancy system to designate what everyone will be blogging 😉

It seems everyone will be taking on a lot, I have a about 4-5 in mind that I plan on blogging , I just hope I can handle it X)

  thepoop wrote @

wow!! you will be reviewing many things….
good luck!!

  thepoop wrote @

hey is it ok if i link this page on my page??

  7 wrote @

@thepoop: Sure!

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