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Macross Frontier – Closing Remarks

Bravo Macross Frontier! What a way good way to end the series! I just can’t believe it ended.

I have to admit, those 25 long episodes seemed grueling to watch, not to mention the seemingly unsolvable pest problem that is the Vajra. Seriously, I can’t imagine how the Macross Frontier population were going to rid themselves of the numerous Vajra for good until I came to an epiphany when I saw Episode 25 – Vajra are not necessarily aggressive. Well, not so much of an epiphany considering the various hints about the possibility of human-Zentraidi-Vajra coexistence (ie. Ranka and Sheryl’s song, Ranka having Ai for a pet, etc), but I guess I have been on a blinded rage against the Vajra after they killed Michael. 😦

If there is anything I noticed immediately when I first started to watch this series, it was that music played an ENORMOUS role (even that is an understatement). Episode 25 was rather excessively musical (in a good way) since the producers utilized most (if not all) that soundtracks that we’ve heard througout the series. Is that a good thing? Sure! The way I think of it, it’s a way for me to get back (a little bit) at the Vajra for killing Michael, mainly because they can be manipulated through song. I also thought the singing was a cool way to get Sheryl and Ranka together, instead of fighting one another (and ultimately causing a senseless ruckus among Sheryl and Ranka fans). If there is anything I can say against all the singing, it’s the deux ex machina scheme it implies. Somehow, I just have a little (very little…weee, there it goes) difficulty Grace O’Connor’s plans were thwarted mainly through song.

Singing aside, there was also a huge deal of visual effects. My eyes went crazy for a while…but it was all for a good cause. Apparently, some of the visual effects that were used as symbolism. Ever notice those neon triangles? Those represent Alto, Sheryl, and Ranka (the same goes for the first OP song). Visual effects are also good for portraying futuristic themes – beam weapons, lasers, stuff humanity will not be able to obtain and mass produce until many years from now. If I could get my hands on those gadgets, I’d grab Brera’s unit – you have to love the graphic interface of this cockpit. With it, you don’t have to worry about blindspots since you could see almost anywhere!

Examples of neon triangles here, and the first pic on this post

Supercool GUI on Brera's unit

Plot-wise, I am very pleased. I am happy Alto wasn’t given the chance to choose between Sheryl and Ranka, mainly because I feel he deserves neither of them…yet. If there is anyone who should deserve the affection of two girls (not necessarily Sheryl and Ranka in particular), it would be Michael (yes, I’m a Michael fan, as well as a snipers fan). But it’s a shame he died. Things would have went well between him and Klan. So yeah, aside from these, there not much I can say about the plot, most likely because I was more interested on character development and setting. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed watching Macross 7 as a whole, can’t wait how the upcoming movie will turn out.

Random Questions

'This must be deculture!'

1. WTF is Deculture?

I’m pretty sure this word would fall right above ‘Protoculture’ if we were to make a Top Ten most used words in Macross Frontier. It’s a shame I have no idea what it means. I tried to point my finger on its meaning at one point of time, but somehow, I just can’t do it.

(Arnold Voice) Hasta La Vista, Baby

2. Is it me, or is Grace O’Connor a reference to Terminator?

Come on now…a cyborg whose last name ends in O’Connor?

Seems like stereotyping will last for a long time. Fu Man Chu will be most pleased.

3. Was Ranka working for a Chinese restaurant?

Really…is Chinese food THAT good that it survives the passage of time (no pun intended)?

Are those real or are they part of the laser light costume?

4. How real are Sheryl’s costumes?

Since the future is full of possibilities, it’s hard to tell…



  Kitsune wrote @

I’ll have to disagree with “way good way to end the series” 😛 I felt the finale was too rushed.

Yes, Michael was great 🙂

1. Deculture is a term used by Zentradi/Meltrandi to indicate shock or surprise. If you watch Do You Remember Love? and other Macross series you’ll notice the context of the word usage. The answer to your question can be found in the question itself 😛 You can translate it as WTF 😛 See this thread for more detailed explanation.

2. Yup, looks like a Terminator reference.

3. Yes, Chinese food is that good 😛

4. Many things are possible 🙂

  7 wrote @

@Kitsune: Maybe you’re right about it being too rushed. Then again, I focused on characters rather than the plot, so I wouldn’t notice. 🙂

  amayalee wrote @

It had that whole resolved and everything will be well feel to it…But Alto is still a jackas* Gah, he makes me so mad!! ^.^

  7 wrote @

@amayalee: Alto is better off not getting anyone. To me, he kinda acts more of a girl than Sheryl and Ranka combined. 🙂

  kanzeon wrote @

I can’t wait for the movie now ^_^!!!

  ghostlightning wrote @

I’m a Ranka fan, but at this point I just want Sheryl and Alto to have their good end. For Ranka I want something different and new.

Of all the characters in this installment, only Ranka has upside. I imagine her in a new colony, growing into a leadership role that this time, she chose and works for to earn.

Maybe the movie will give us a timeskip… I can’t wait.

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