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Code Geass R2 – Closing Remarks!!!!

Good lord! Another intriguing series just ended…and I have to say, my thoughts and my feelings about Code Geass R2 have never been in so much disagreement. Confused? Allow me to elaborate…

I know Leloouch is dead. I  mean who wouldn’t be…after being stabbed by that excessively long sword (a claymore maybe?). If that does not prove he’s dead, how about him losing so much blood to the point that his face started to get pale? Even so, I still feel that he is alive somewhere, and after reading a couple of rumors on the web about how he inherited someone’s code (Charles’ perhaps), I have more reason to believe that the wagon driver from the end scene might be Lelouch. To add more to the confusion, C.C. was somewhat addressing something to Lelouch at that same exact scene. So yes, I don’t know what to follow between what I know and what I feel.

The same goes for the nature of the ending. I think everything was well after Lelouch executed his Zero Requiem. The world seemed peaceful, people who were once involved with the military tried to live as civilians….basically a ‘Happily Ever After’ ending (with the exception of Suzaku, whose punishment is to play the role of Zero and trade his social life to be an ally of justice). Not that I have a problem with a good ending…it’s just that I feel that there too many unachieved conditions to have a state of world peace. For one thing, we really never got a chance to see how world politics will be. Will Britannian rule preside over the world or will there be multiple nations like before? Regardless of which way the world decide to live, there will be conflict…if Britannia decides to rule everything, then people will think of Britannia as a tyrant. On the other hand, if the world reverts to a state of multiple nations, then it would be as it was from the very first season of Code Geass. But bleh….I’ll leave the rest of the podering to other audiences.

But you have to admit, Code Geass would be what Gundam Seed and Death Note is combined….mecha (and lookalikes) plus a lot of deep thought…a bizarre yet effective combination. It is with these that I set my closing remarks for Code Geass in good spirits.

Interesting Finds

Goold old Lelouch had a farm...E-I-E-I-O!

1. If Lelouch did inherit Charles’ code, then he will live forever just like C.C. who has the same code. And since Suzaku has the ‘live’ Geass casted on him…well then, it’s an immortal party!

Now I know why Arthur the cat was looking at the tombstone for a long time. Jeez, even a cat knows grammar!

2. Isn’t that supposed to read as Knight of Zero?

Looks like Barbie lost her wand/sword

Why can't Lelouch's hat have jewels hanging on both sides like the sword? Nonsymmetry is ugly!

3. Did you notice that same piece of green jewelry hanging on Lelouch’s hat is also hanging on the sword guard of the ridiculously long sword that killed him?


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  FuyuMaiden wrote @

Considering Ougi became the prime minister of Japan (my god that thought is depressing), I think it’s safe to say that they’re all separate nations. Lelouch freed all the areas before he tried to take over the United Nations (or whatever it’s called in this series So I think it’s safe to assume there’s separate countries again.

And the world is better off than it was at season one because in season one Britannia was oppressing everyone. No more~!

But yeah, the peace probably won’t last long. I just hope that doesn’t lead to some ridiculous OAV or sequel that ruins the series for me.

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