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I want SUBS right here and right now!!!

Nope...not that kind of sub.

Nope...not that kind of sub.

Maybe it’s too early to ask this question, but I’m going to anyway…WTF happened to subbed version of this season’s anime?!?! Jeez…if you are one of the many who does not have the privilege of having a Nipponsei native tongue, perhaps this post can give some (little, petty, insignificant) closure. Of course, this does not change the fact that bloggers who do aren’t fluent in the language will not be able to blog unless there is a raw version of that anime. As of right now, I’m already behind one show, all because of the lack of SUBS.

So yes…let’s all start praying.



  Calan wrote @

As in fansubs?

The fansubbing process is time-consuming, especially for the first episodes of series as important things such as spelling of names, etc, karaoke, typesetting, and generally just getting everything together take more time than usual.

If you want to be on the lookout for a certain group’s status, however, may be of help to you.

  Shala wrote @

@Calan: That website is very helpful. I went there just a few days ago. After I picked the anime I wanted to watch and blog about, I immediately went to see who was subbing what. I happened to find that site through google because I wanted to know who was subbing Hakushaku to Yosei. With it being so close to release date, I wanted to see who was subbing and when they would be releasing the first episode. Maybe I should have told 7 about it… o.O”

  FuyuMaiden wrote @

lol, Well most anime hasn’t even aired yet, so I would agree and say that it’s too early to ask just yet.

It does get more frustrating waiting for subs once you start blogging I think. I followed some blogs for certain shows and didn’t end up watching the episode until days later since I spoiled myself. So tough to be careful around here…

  53RG10 wrote @

I still have things to watch, so I can wait…

Also, I’ve been focusing more on my Japanese studies ’cause I’ve been neglecting them for a while…>_>

  7 wrote @

Maybe I should pick up a book I have for learning Japanese…if I can only find some time to do so.

I hate virgin schedules (yes, very tight 🙂 ). I’m barely able to do my personal things nowadays. Blogging is not so much time-constraining since I’m almost always in front of the computer anyway.

  biankita wrote @

you’re just feeling uneasy because so many of the summer shows that watched may be over already. and so little shows for the fall of have premiered for the meantime. i’m starting to feel like that too. -_- onto filler-type posts!

  7 wrote @

@biankita: Ah…that explains it. After all, this blogsite has yet to start real blogging. That’s probably why…

“onto filler-type posts!”

Is that how it’s called?

  bluestreak2 wrote @

GG just released subbed Toradora ep1. I think this officially marks the new season.

  7 wrote @

@bluestreak2: Arigato gozaimasu! Props to you! 🙂

  amayalee wrote @

I’m already behind on blogging. I blame work and school for that. I have yet to blog the new Soul Eater and the first ep of Toradora! Makes me wanna bang my head on a wall. T.T

  7 wrote @

@amayalee: I see you like banging your head on a wall or on a desk! 🙂

I don’t blame you having so much stuff to do. Then again, I’m scratching my head as to how other bloggers such as OMNI from Random Curiosity makes it appear the has so much time in his hands. I only have three guesses.

1. He’s a genius in time management.
2. He did all his necessary schoolwork and is now chillaxing from his job.
3. He’s really serious about blogging.

Most likely 1 and 2. I doubt 3.

  kanzeon wrote @

Lol and here I am… still finishing up Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu and possibly Mahou Tsukai T.T… Can’t time be stopped? XD

  omisyth wrote @

I have learned to wait at least two weeks before giving up on subs for a show. It takes fansubbers a lot of time, and I for one am just glad that they bring us quality (or less so) anime.

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