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Toradora! – Episode 1

First Impressions

Toradora! to me was  somewhat nostalgic. It was basically a recall of some of the anime series I’ve seen in the past. The moment I saw Ryuji Takasu, one of the main characters, my brain automatically related him to Kanda Yu from D-Gray Man (minus the ponytail). I mean come on, their physical attributes have a striking resemblence to one another. The same can be said of Aisaka Taiga, the other main character. Remember Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière of Zero no Tsukaima? Imagine her with brown hair, retain her sadistic attitude, and you basically get Aisaka Taiga. She even has Louise’s mannerism of treating and calling someone a dog!


[Note: The way things are, (my virgin schedule and the fact that I’m more of commenting on the episode and less of making a summary), I will be presenting my summaries (at least for this post anyway) in outline form. That way, I can convey sufficient information more efficiently by cutting the time it takes to think about transitions from one sentence to the next. I have yet to experiment on other styles of writing. Moving right along…]

We see Ryuji Takasu as he prepares for the first day of the new school year.

  • He has a happy-go-lucky and slutty mother.
  • Their house is dark and moldy.
    • This is because of the overshadowing apartment complex, somewhere east of their house. The apartment complex is blocking out the sunlight and thus, promoting the growth of molds.

We are then introduced to two of Ryuji’s acquaintances.

  • A guy by the name of Kitamura Yuusaku, who appears to be Ryuji’s very close friend.
  • A girl by the name of Minori Kushieda, who Ryuji apparently has a crush on.

Then comes a very short girl whose short build is compensated by her inhuman strength and spontaneous rage.

  • She goes by the name of Aisaka Taiga.
    • She’s more infamously known as the Palm Tiger for obvious reasons.
      • Ryuji getting an uppercut for no good reason is one of them.
  • It is also revealed how Ryuji got the name ‘Delinquent Ryuju’
    • ‘Delinquent Ryuji’ is actually a misnomer, since he only got that title because of his looks (a trait he received from his father).

We are then taken to a scene where Ryuji and Taiga plays a game of tug of war with Ryuji’s school bag. Taiga, who didn’t succeed in taking the bag, walks off empty handed.

  • Later that night, Ryuji accidentally finds what appears to be love letter addressed to his friend Kitamura from Taiga.
    • Ryuji deduces the love letter as the reason why Taiga wanted his bag so much.
      • He then finds out that the envelope which was supposed to contain the letter was actually empty.
    • Taiga suddenly appears in his house wielding a sword and starts attacking him.
      • Her intention was to ‘kill’ Ryuji in a desperate effort to silence him…only to stop after being informed about the empty envelope.
        • She then suddenly faints….due to hunger…
          • To which Ryuji responds by cooking up something to eat.

A discussion regarding feelings of attraction and how it shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, brews up between the two of them…

  • Ryuji pulls up a bunch of objects he’s made for a girl he supposedly likes and shows them to Taiga in order to prove his point.
    • It is at this point that Taiga becomes aware of Ryuji’s feelings on Minori.
      • Ryuji then makes a futile plea to Taiga to keep his secret…
        • Which Taiga refueses unless Ryuji agrees to become her slave ‘dog.’

The next morning, Ryuji recieves a call from Taiga, and order to come to her place.

  • Ryuji then discovers that Taiga lives just across his veranda.
  • Upon entering her very spacious apartment, he is greeted by an awful smell and a very untidy sight.
  • He then heads over to look for Taiga, only to find her asleep.
    • Ryuji then decides to take this chance to tidy up Taiga’s place and cook her breakfast.
      • Taiga, who just woke up, proceeds only to eat.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps


My Irresistable Legs are Forceful

My Irresistable Legs are Forceful

Avian Flu

Avian Flu

You can already tell who dominates just by looking at where they live.

You can already tell who dominates just by looking at where they live.

Look at her traces of food.

Look at her traces of food.

Someone left their porn on the sink.

Someone left their porn on the sink.

Shes getting allergies because her place is a pig pen.

She's getting allergies because her place is a pig pen.



  Kitsune wrote @

That’s an interesting way to summarize the episode – kind of like class notes lol

You presented the summary and said that it looks reminiscent of some other anime, but what is your assessment of this episode? Did you like it?

  7 wrote @

@Kitsune: Ooo, thanks for pointing that out. I had a grammatical error there. Would have not seen if it weren’t for you.

To answer your question, it’s too early to say if I like something or not. To me, first episodes are what first trials are to an experiment…you really can’t tell anything yet. I do like the references to other series.

  Kitsune wrote @

Ah, multi-testing is good 🙂 I usually have this three episode rule to assess the series, but I became somewhat finicky these days, and ruthlessly drop series right away if they fail to spark my interest 😦

  foomafoo wrote @

I agree I agree. Isn’t she just so Louise-ish? I really hope it turns out well unlike ZnT3 XD

  Cyle wrote @

Don’t worry, I’ve read the light novel, if they keep to the story then it should turn out pretty good, I’m up to book four at the momment, and bagging for more.

Later on her agression eases up a bit, and she becomes alot more likeable. I really enjoyed the first episode, but by the looks of the preview of episode 2 it seems they’re off to a very fast start which isn’t good. Hopefully it’ll be longer than 12 episodes.

  FuyuMaiden wrote @

I get that nostalgic feeling from ToraDora! too. At first I was annoyed that I was reminded of other anime, but it grew on me as I watched it. It’s a fun show.

The screencaps’ captions made me laugh by the way. Good job. And the outlined summary was fun to read since I never see summaries like that! I think your writing style is just fine right now, but trying new things is definitely part of the fun in blogging. Though, I’m just now trying something really new for me…

  amayalee wrote @

ROFLMAO! “M.I.L.F” Funny! I don’t like his mum to much, she’s not motherly at all. 😦 Makes me sad…love Taiga though!! (I’m mentioning this everywhere, lol, it’s an intense love)

  53RG10 wrote @

Remember Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière of Zero no Tsukaima? Imagine her with brown hair, retain her sadistic attitude, and you basically get Aisaka Taiga.

That’s pretty much what you get when Kugimiya Rie voices a loli tsundere! ^_^

  omisyth wrote @

I’d submit to Taiga anyday.

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