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Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka – Episode 1

First Impressions

All I can say is “Huh?” and “What the…?”. Anyways, I was a bit confused at the beginning of this episode. All that Agent 007 stuff threw me off. At first I wondered if I was watching the right anime, but then the OP rolled in which made it clear that I was in fact watching the right one. Though it didn’t fit the “school love plot”. Then again, maybe the designers are throwing in some symbolism by adding the video game theme into the OP. If I recall correctly, Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka was originally a game turned into an anime or was it the novel? I suspect all this confusion will clear once everything is explained later, hopefully.

Nagase, Agent Nagase.
Nagase, Agent Nagase.

As for plot wise, I think it’s too early to judge. This show is already hinting at a few twists from being a normal school love story. For example, the Agent 007 there in the beginning, and Jun’ichi’s weird dreams (one had an alter ego of some sort), the OP too were all strange. Either way, if it ends up a typical, or strange plot, I’ll continue to watch. There is still comedy in there after all.

The characters were all as expected. Except for Yuuhi, she came out all cute with an air of mystery and Jun’ichi who has weird dreams in his head. I can’t say much for Minato though, except for she does act like a little sister to her nii-chan. Though, I doubt that they really are siblings. With this sort of anime, I can bet that they really aren’t true siblings.

I cannot wait for the next episode. Hopefully it will clear up that cliff hanger ending.


Yuuhi Katagiri has just arrived in the neighborhood when she bumps into two annoying men. She kindly apologizes but they would not have it. They continued to bully her, trying to get her to come with them. Of course she didn’t want to, who would? When out of no where Jun’ichi Nagase appears to rescue her. She thanks him for his help and the two part without asking each others names.


Later, after Jun’ichi has gotten interrogated by his sister Minato about his summer homework, he wonders whether or not it was the right thing by not asking for Yuuhi’s name. He couldn’t help but wonder if he’ll ever see the cute girl again. Little did he know that during the first day of school, that cute girl he saw would be transferring into his very class.

-cue music- stop and stare~~~
-cue music- stop and stare~~~

After just a few minutes the class has already crowded around the new transfer student, making such a commotion. The girl sitting beside Yuuhi, Karen Ayanokouji, suddenly stands up and politely, though very conceitedly, tells the class to stop behaving like a crowd of animals. She then formally tells Yuuhi, that if she wanted a tour of the school Ayanokouji-san would be happy to take her around. Yuuhi rejects Karen’s offer and states that she’ll rather learn from Jun’ichi no matter what. In the midst of asking Jun’ichi to show her around she suddenly asks him out?!


Well it turned out to be a misunderstanding and what she originally meant was to go out for tea. It soon leads to gossip in the classroom, and one thing leading to another. So with all the gossiping Yuuhi is asked by Karen what really is going on. Kiryu, who is part of the newspaper club starts to interrogate her and when Jun’ichi appears and Yuuhi asks him to explain. Jun suddenly is forced under pressure and enters a strange video game mind set and suddenly kisses Yuuhi?! Apparently Jun thought that Yuuhi liked him so he went for the kill? Yuuhi not expecting the kiss suddenly kicks Jun in the nuts, then head butts him, and finally punches him?! Poor Jun, he went home with a headache.


However, that wasn’t the last of his troubles. While recovering at home, the doorbell suddenly rings. Minato goes and answers it and suddenly calls out “Niisan!” Apparently, Yuuhi is at the door claiming that she will be staying at their house and that she is Jun’s fiance?!



  53RG10 wrote @

I think Yuuhi is the daughter of that Agent dude in the beginning…who is probably some famous actor.

And I too hope Minato isn’t Junichi’s fake sister…>_>

  Shala wrote @

@ 53RG10

I think Yuuhi is the daughter of the man Agent Nagase rescued; while Jun and Minato are the children of Agent Nagase. And Jun and Yuuhi’s engagement was all because Agent Nagase rescued Yuuhi’s dad. So now Yuuhi’s dad has this huge debt to Jun’s dad and the only thing he could think of to pay off this debt was to marry off his daughter.

Don’t ask how and when I came up with this idea, but it sounds like it could happen. ><

As for Minato, I don’t want her to be the fake sister either. I’ve seen too much of that… I want them to surprise me!

  Ceriel wrote @

LOL @ the last four screen caps. I wouldn’t have known that she could be so fierce from her sweet appearance.

Yay for your first post! 😀

  FuyuMaiden wrote @

That beginning was damn confusing. I watched it as raw before the episode officially aired so I was certain it was just some weird add-on or something, but nope. It’s real. The characters and even the secret agent stuff is in the OP. It really has me curious since that stuff doesn’t seem to fit in with anything else.

But I’m not watching it for that. I’m watching it for Yuuhi who ended up being ten times more adorable than I thought she would be (I was expecting someone more stuck-up).

I also love those last four caps. Classic.

  53RG10 wrote @

@Shala: Ah! I just noticed, I confused the last names of Yuuhi and Junichi! ^_^’

Now my theory about Yuuhi being rich because her father might be a famous actor is shattered! ”’orz

And I think Yuuhi’s dad is able to pay off his “debt” to agent Nagase {if there is any debt}…Yuuhi’s family is rich so I don’t think they would marry off their daughter to pay a “debt”…

Don’t want to theorize why Yuuhi and Junichi are fiancee becuase, as you can see…I suck at theorizing! ^_^’ I’ll leave it to the anime to clear it up.

  kanzeon wrote @

Junichi looks hot compared to other harem leads. I also heard that Rie Kugimiya uses a different voice for the main heroine. I think I might give this show a try.

  Shala wrote @

Yes, it confused me too and I agree Yuuhi is adorable! She’s starting to grow on me… especially after what she did to poor Jun. XD

Lol, yes. I really can’t wait till the next episode, maybe it’ll give us more information towards their engagement.

Yes, I have to agree with you on this one. Jun’ichi IS very hot. lol

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