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Clannad~After Story – Episode 1


We are shown Tomoya barely missing a stray baseball.

  • Apparently, he has not been paying attention  since he was too preoccupied daydreaming…
  • He is actually with Nagisa and her parents at a baseball field.

News reaches them through Akio about an upcoming baseball match against a shopping district in a neighboring town.

  • Akio comments on how his team has been on a losing streak ever since their opponent acquired a new recruit who used to play for Koushien district ( a district known to have a lot of strong players).
  • Akio then gets the idea of having Tomoya’s friends (members of the Drama Club to be more specific) play for his team.

Tomoya then starts on recruiting members.

  • Kyou and Kotomi didn’t hesitate to join.
  • Sunohara followed, but not without manipulative flattery.
  • Tomoyo joins, but not after Misae joined.
    • The group managed to persuade Misae after Tomoyo explains  how she wants to be her rival and how the two of them playing basebal together would serve as a learning experience for her (Tomoyo).
  • Yoshino initially declines the invitation, but later joins after hearing a  made-up story.
    • Supposedly,  Sunohara has always looked up on Yoshino and was thinking about how he wants to make some memories with Yoshino for keeps after graduating school and moving to his very far hometown, of which he might not have the chance to come back (or so Tomoya says).
  • Nagisa brings the idea of inviting Tomoya’s father to the team.
    • Which Tomoya responded, “maybe another time…”

The day of the match finally arrives.

  • Akio piches first and manages to get three batters out of the opposing team.  eventually
  • Akio’s team eventually reaches a score of 4-0 by the end of their inning.
    • Sunohara bunts out.
    • The bases eventually gets loaded thanks to Ryou’s Misae’s and Akio’s successful batting.
    • Tomoyo makes what appears to be a home run…
      • Much to our surprise, Tomoyo admits this is her first time batting.
  • One of the batters from the opposing if accidentally releases a bat during his swing.
    • The  bat hits Akio’s leg and is forced to stay out of the game due to the injury.
    • Nagisa is chosent to be Akio’s replacement.
  • With Akio out, the opposing team manages to score some runs (or even catch up).
    • Kotomi’s batting calculations lead to a good start for that particular inning…
    • Only to be ruined by Sunohara’s swing, much to the dismay of the team.
    • Nagisa is as helpless as ever.
    • Tomoyo’s attempt to a ‘small, beautiful and girly hit’ and Tomoya’s bunt result in a strike out.
    • Yoshino manages to have a good swing, but foils it by making an excessive speech, giving one of the opposing team members a chance to tag him out.
  • At this point, Akio’s team is on the losing side with a score of 4-5.
    • Bases are loaded, thanks to sucessful swings by Misae, Nagisa and Mei.
    • The whole entire match rests on Tomoya, who only has one chance left at making a hit.
      • Fortunately, he manages to get a good hit, thus winning the match for his team.
      • Everyone then goes to the Furakawa’s to celebrate.

Side Notes

Everything appears to be how it should be. There might have been little to no cutaway gags I see so much of on Season 1, but I’m guessing we’ll be seeing a lot more of these later. Sunohara is still a loser :), Tomoyo is still a beast…If anything, I’m worried about not seeing Fuko.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

Is her bread really that bad?

Must be a new ritual Tomoya taught him

Must be a new ritual Tomoya taught him

Must be on drugs.

Finally, we get to see her brain put into action!


Moe moment.

Miyuki san...good job!



  amayalee wrote @

I’m glad your blogging this! I won’t have the time to or else I would, I’m so happy that Clannad is back. I cried when the first season end…(Actually, I cried throughout the who thing, lol) I was completely unaware that a second one was coming till the fall previews came up. So happy~! This episode was great too, the speech part was the most hilarious! (Other than Tomoyo displaying her awesome violence again) ^.^

  53RG10 wrote @

Kotomi’s brain power short circuited mine… -_-

  lostty wrote @

I’m glad Clannad is just the way it’s meant to be once again! 😀
I’m worried about not seeing Fuko too! At least last season after she stopped appearing as often, she was in the opening, what has happened to the starfish love?

  blitzero21 wrote @

Konomi Ichinose FTW ALL THE WAY!! anyways Clanand was great i admit it was good first episode and I’m definitely looking forward to more. I think I managed to see Fuuko in the OP check out my blog for the screen…I’m not 100% sure but I think it is….but great post man!!

  7 wrote @

@amayalee: I agree….this episode was awesome!

@53RG10: Mine too…

…what has happened to the starfish love?

@lostty: I also asked that question myself..

@blitzero21: Fuko you say? Okay…checking your blog. 🙂

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