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Gundam 00 Season 2 – Episode 1

Summary (of sorts)

[Note: Holy Cow….there’s soo much information to fit in them all in my current outline form, at least not with Gundam. With so much infro about mecha, poltics, seemingly senseless drama….Maybe at this point, my summary is less of a summary and more of a highlight. Still experimenting I guess.]

  • In the year 2312, there exist no single superpower. Earth seems united under one federation (thus the title Earth Federation) and everything appears well. Unbeknownst to most people, there exist an anti-government faction known as Kataron. While their objectives are still unknown, they seem to be in disapproval of the world’s current state. Earth Federation responds with its aptly named ‘peace keeping force’ known as A-LAWS. Superficially, its purpose is to counter the movements and agendas of the anti-government Kataron. It’s ulterior motives have yet to be revealed, but the secrets they hold are enticing enough to attract Sergei’s curiosity, to the point that he sends Kathy as an agent in its inside affairs.
  • The Gundam Meiesters and Celestial being (or what’s left of it) are nowhere close to one another. Tiera Erde appears to be on a Celestial Being vessel. Setsuna F. Seiei, before meeting up with Tiera appears to have been snooping around Langrange 4. Allelujah Haptism is locked up somewhere, complete with a strait jacket and a restraint mask while Lockon Stratos (or the person who’s going to take the codename anyway) is yet to be involved with Celestial Being.
  • There have been a lot of random appearances of people on places you did not expect them to appear. Questions such as how did Louise Halevy became a pilot, how Wang Liu Mei became associated with Ribbons…have yet to be answered.
  • The same goes for the second generation Celestial Being Gundams..The preview of the next episode seems to hint the source of the exponential power increase demonstrated by Tiera’s brand-new Seravee Gundam.

Side Notes

I have to admit, the episode’s really good to start off the season…just seeing the first few segments and you already get an action-packed mecha to mecha combat. The storyline’s a little bit confusing though – I don’t remember anything about Kataron back in Season 1. And kudos to Celestial Being’s second generation Gundams. They sure pack a punch! I can’t wait until the next episode….hopefully, the four meisters will get reunited with their new Gundams!

As for OP (or ED?) sequence, it’s pretty obvious who sang it…Uverworld. Come to think of it, the sequence sounds like the OP Uverworld did in D-Gray Man.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

Get working...or I'll stick this up your ass!

His titties show, even on a very thick suit.

The guy at this scene says...all green. Clearly he is color blind.

The guy at this scene said...'all green.' Clearly he is color blind.



Yaoi pose

Yaoi outfit and pose

Dirty mouth?

Dirty mouth?

Are those Meisters?!



  SansNom01 wrote @

[quote]The guy at this scene said…’all green.’ Clearly he is color blind.[/quote]

But his helmet is green…..

  7 wrote @

@SansNom01: Ooo…I didn’t notice his green visor! But nevertheless…a red light seen through a green visor (filter) will not make someone see green. 🙂

  gordon wrote @

i’m watching it now. ^^;

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