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Bitchy Sheryl Nome Fans….says a search engine term

Sooo I was checking up my statistics….and was shocked to find this…..



  thepoop wrote @

wow! that is crazy… so are they calling you bitchy??
I have had crazy things in that section too like : pooping manga and naked pictures of audrey kitching (because i have a link to her site in my page??)

  Kitsune wrote @

It bet it is related to your Ranka vs Sheryl post 😛

I did hear that Sheryl fans tend to be more bitchy that Ranka fans, but that is just anecdotal evidence 😛

  7 wrote @

@thepoop: No it’s not that…the search engine terms are what people entered on google or yahoo which made them visit your blog. lol

I just can’t believe the extremity of Macross Frontier fandom…enough to type ‘hate’ on their search engine.

Between Ranka and Sheryl (characters people get crazy about on Macross Frontier), I’m neutral. 🙂

@Kitsune: Still can’t believe how people get excessively crazy.

  kanzeon wrote @

It’s better than having ‘soul x maka hentai’, ‘fat mistress’ and other stuff I found on my stats XD…

Maybe those people are just searching for other people/sites in the web who has the same opinion as them though.

  biankita wrote @

that’s still nothing compared to ‘loli mansex’ that appeared on my search terms one time.

this is precisely the reason why i prefer comment count over hits. hits is just some pedo or freak typing something totally perverted on google, and since you used these words separately before, and ended up on your blog. -_-”’

  Kitsune wrote @

There must be reasons why those search queries point to your blogs. Careful selection of words for your posts might alleviate the problem. Also it might be due to the content of the comments.

  Hoshi wrote @

*gasp* Nooo.

Ranka fans are just jealous that in the end, Alto had more screen and alone time with Sheryl. So ultimately, she wins. End of story~

  amayalee wrote @

Roflmao! Yes, damn them bitchy Sheryl fans. 😛 Nah, I like Sheryl, just like Ranka better. But Sheryl’s fans are really quite bitchy. ^.^

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