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Tales of the Abyss – Episode 2

Summary (of sorts)

  • In attempt to head back to Kimlasca, Luke and Tear instead find themselves in Malkuth territory, thanks to them getting involved in a crossfire between a Malkuth warship and a band of thieves/bandits by the name of Black Wings.
  • It is at this time that we are introduced to Jade Curitiss, colonel of the 3rd Army Infantry Division from the Malkuth Army. He also appears to be the one in command of Tartarus, the same Malkuth warship Luke and Tear encountered earlier.
  • We also meet Ion, the current Fon Master (leader of the Order of Lorelai and his (yes..Ion is a guy) his guardian, Anise Tatlin, who are investigating the culprits responsible for the raid on the town storehouse. Ion presents a fur belonging to a Cheagle, a beast deemed sacred by the Church of Lorelai and concludes that they are indeed the ones responsible. Their sacred status is mainly because of the pact they made with Yulia Jue.
    • The Cheagle later clarify their intentions for stealing food as an attempt to save themselves from being preyed upon by the Ligers (Raigas), who were forced to move from their homes because of a fire, and ironically, it’s a fire accidentally caused by one of the Cheagle.
    • That Cheagle is Mieu, who from now on will be accompanying Luke for ‘one cycle of the seasons’ (one year) as compensation for the trouble it brought to the rest of the Cheagle.
  • At the near end of the episode, Luke and Tear are arrested by the Malkuth army under Jade’s orders.

Side Notes

As of this episode, I officially became a Tear Grants fan…Gosh, she’s so pretty. Anyway, we can at least expect that Ion, Anise, and Jade (and Mieu too) will be joining the gang very soon with Mieu probably playing the role of providing comic relief. That aside…some segments of the’s aspects appear somewhat akin to some anime I’ve seen from the past….if I can just point my finger on it…

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

Is that supposed to be a Vollkswagen?

The rooster (remember chicken bump?) and the pig.

Another person with an semi-ambiguous gender...

Quite an adorable character.

Quite an adorable character.

Speaking of other anime, doesn't this look like a transmutation circle and a bunch of chimeras?

Marry me! She's soooo pretty!

I really thought I saw Veemon.


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