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Archive for October 10, 2008

Kuroshitsuji – Episode 1

First Impressions

To tell everyone the truth, I was not interested in this anime before. So now I’m never going to judge an anime by its summary ever again. It all started because of boredom. I was very bored, so I decided to watch something. I looked up the anime that have been release, as well as those released with subs. It was the one that did not seem that all boring, so I watched it… and I’ll be damned Kuroshitsuji was way more than I expected it to be.

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ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 1


It’s only the first episode, and I’m actually already having a hard time digesting the episode in my head, just like the first episode of the first series. If there’s any word I would use to describe ef series, it would be spontaneous. With scenes jumping all over the place, it’s kinda getting annoying to pay a close attention at details. Hopefully, this will clear up as the series goes on.

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