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ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 1


It’s only the first episode, and I’m actually already having a hard time digesting the episode in my head, just like the first episode of the first series. If there’s any word I would use to describe ef series, it would be spontaneous. With scenes jumping all over the place, it’s kinda getting annoying to pay a close attention at details. Hopefully, this will clear up as the series goes on.

To be honest, I really felt like Season 2 was very much a repeat of Season 1. Yuu having both Nagi and Yuuko to contend with sounds very similar to Hiro having to deal with and Kei and Miyako. Of course, there’s also that very eye-straining high contrast of colors that the animators use for backgrounds on most of the scenes. Ugh, my head hurts.


  • Much of the first episode is an elaboration of familiar characters , and, and  we’ve seen from Season 1, and an introduction of a couple more.
    • Among the most notable of the familiar characters are Himura Yuu and Amamiya Yuuko, whose pasts are revealed to us through Yuu’s flashbacks from his days a student, in which Kuze Suichi, another familiar character, was also a part of.
    • Among the new characters that was introduced was Amamiya Akira, Yuu’s (art?) teacher. Although he bears the same surname as Yuuko, their relation to one another, if there’s any at all, has yet to be revealed,
    • Another new character in the series is Hirono Nagi, an art student…a very ‘liberal’ one so to speak. Though her relation to Yuu is unclear, one can take a not-so-wild guess basing from the events of Season 1. Even more puzzling is her surname and her relation to the manga artist, Nagi Hiro from ef~tale of memories.
    • Yuuko is then reintroduced, this time, as a first year student, most likely from the same school Yuu attends. The following conversation between them revealed that the two have known another for a long time, a decade to be exact. There seemed to be a incident between the two of them in which Yuu is resentful to remember.
  • The second half of the episode focuses on Hayama Mizuki and Kuze Suichi , both of which were originally from Season 1.
    • It turns out that Mizuki was actually Renji’s cousin, who lives in Australia. That means, anybody who has come into contact with Renji from the first season also live in Australia.
    • We also learn of Suichi’s career as a reputated violinist.
    • Upon getting to meet each other, Suichi and Mizuki seems to have taken an intellectual (or more, depending on how your imagination interprets it) interest on, well, one another, aside from the very long conversation of random topics and what seem to be subliminal messages.

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  53RG10 wrote @

That ‘scene jumping all over the place’ is one of the things that made ef that much more entertaining. If you look closely, those ‘random’ scenes actually play a role in what’s happening in the scene and gives extra spice to the character’s feelings.

Like when Mizuki asked Kuze to play the violin, they showed that purple-ish sad looking mask…signifying Kuze’s current feelings for the violin.

I’m pretty much used to SHAFT’s crazy random scenes though…maybe that’s why I don’t mind them at all.

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