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Kuroshitsuji – Episode 1

First Impressions

To tell everyone the truth, I was not interested in this anime before. So now I’m never going to judge an anime by its summary ever again. It all started because of boredom. I was very bored, so I decided to watch something. I looked up the anime that have been release, as well as those released with subs. It was the one that did not seem that all boring, so I watched it… and I’ll be damned Kuroshitsuji was way more than I expected it to be.

The introduction, I can’t find words to describe it. All I did was watch in fascination because it gave that air of mystery while they showed just a small bit of Ciel’s past. Story wise, there’s no defined plot yet. It’s just like the summary: a twelve-year old child toy, business manufacturer and his demonic, absolutely prefect butler, and their incompetent servants carrying out a crazy life in their manor. Not to mention, scaring the living soul out of their guest, who, in my opinion, deserved it.


Ciel Phantomhive: There’s something strange about this kid, it’s a good strange though. He’s sadistic, and sarcastic. There’s just so many things you can wonder about him! For example, the contract he signed, how was he able to get hold of Sebastian, and how powerful is this twelve-year-old child?

Sebastian Michaelis: He’s not only perfect and cute, but he has mesmerizing eyes. This guy is a very random, and slightly creepy demonic butler. One moment he’ll be bossing everyone around, the next moment he’s in flowery backgrounds describing the glorious meal, and then the next he’s using his strange powers.

Anyways, I get a good laugh out of these three servants:


Bard the Cook, Finian the Gardener, and Meirin the Maid

Tanaka the Steward, apparently does nothing but hold/drink tea. Which he is always praised for by Sebastian.

What's with that pained expression Sebastian?! I thought you liked Tanaka!


White feathers everywhere, and this young boy, bruised and injured lay amongst the feathers. A blackbird sitting on a bare branch speaks to him about forming a contract. Impatient as the boy is, he demands the contract, cutting the bird off.

The same young boy, who had formed that contract, is seen sleeping in his room, when his butler comes to wake him. A polite procedure undergoes involving what is for breakfast, getting the young master dressed and the schedule for the day. As the butler proceeds to leave the room, the boy suddenly throws a dart from his bedside table at the butler. Unexpectedly, the butler catches the dart with two fingers without even a slight turn of is head or body.

Sebastian, the butler, is preparing for an Italian guest who will arrive later for dinner. The servants around the house attempt to help. However, they caused more problems, while attempting to lessen them. Thank goodness they have Sebastian, because in less than a few seconds he already has an alternative plan in order to fix all of the mistakes and have dinner on schedule. By the time the guest arrived, everything was finished with perfection, the burnt garden, was transformed into a Japanese rock garden, dinner consisted of Beef Tataki-don, and everything was centered around Sebastian’s Japanese theme.


I fell and it all crashed!

Well, I saw raw meat on the table, so I decided to cook it using the firethrower.

After dinner, strange things started to occur. Ciel demanded that the guest finish the board game they had started earlier in the evening. The client declined, however Ciel was very persistent on finishing the game. So the man excused himself to make a phone call to his previous appointment. While making the phone call, the man shows his true colors. He had sold the toy factory in the east, and was lying through his teeth about the 25,000 pounds he wanted from Ciel to help him open another toy factory. Turns out he’s using those 25,000 pounds for his own benefits, and could care less about opening another toy factory.

As he talks on the phone, strange things begin to happen, a ghost-like apparition appears in the open doorway. That same apparition appears in the portrait of Ciel’s mother and father. This time the man sees it with his own two eyes, instead of feeling that presence like before. The man pushes the apparition aside, as a figment of his imagination, but as he continues up the stairs, the game they had earlier comes back to haunt him. In the game the first space of misfortune he landed on was, “Charmed by the Eyes of the Dead”.

As he makes his way back, he suddenly finds himself lost in the many corridors of Phantomhive mansion. While he was lost, he runs into the man from the portrait, clearly he was seeing ghosts. Frightened, he starts running away from the apparition, and falls down the stairs and breaks his leg. He suddenly is reminded of the second space he landed on in that game, “Lose your legs in the Forest of Confusion”. The man runs into Sebatian and he is reminded of the things Ciel has told him when you lose your legs. Even so, the guest tries to escape, and makes his way into a dark room.

In a frantic attempt to hide from Sebastian, he feels a handle to a door and places himself inside. Little did he know he had hid himself inside the oven, and Sebastian knows exactly where he is. Sebastian turns on the oven, and makes a show of stating desserts and use meat as an ingrediant. This was when the guest is reminded of the last space he landed on before having dinner, “Have you body burned within the crimson flames.”

Later, Sebastian comes out and gives the servants pie. Don’t worry it’s lemon meringue pie, and the guest lived with everything intact.

Shala’s Themed Screen Caps: Sebastian’s Many Talents

Amazing Reflexes

Extreme Mood Swings

Professional Vegetable Peeler

Renowned Polisher

Rose Cutting Genius

Top Flower Arranger

Amazing Balancing Skills (probably worked at the circus)

Can pull tablecloths from under plates, bowls, candles, glasses filled with liquid, with out a single spill.

His Butler, Talented ne?



  Kitsune wrote @

Kuroshitsuji is great! 🙂 It is one of the best anime this season 🙂

  kanzeon wrote @

Sebastian-sama is just too… FABULOUS!!! KYyyAAAaa!!! Sebastian-sama!!! …ehem

  Shala wrote @

@Kitsune: Yes I definitely agree with you on that.

@kanzeon: I know right! He isn’t just fabulous! He’s amazing, perfect, gorgeous, talented, um… HE’S TOO COOL FOR WORDS!

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