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Archive for October 11, 2008

Ga-Rei Zero: First Impressions

If I could sum this whole episode up in one word, it would be action-packed intense (make that three words). Which basically is what it all was, a lot of fighting paranormal enemies that can’t be seen by the normal human eye. Not that I’m against this, I found the episode to be amazing. I would say that it was a perfect “first episode”.

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Clannad~After Story – Episode 2: Our favorite brawl magnet


Finally, the laugh-out-loud moments I’ve been craving from this Season 2 has finally come out!

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Yozakura Quartet – Episode 1

First Impressions

Yozakura Quartet was kinda so-so for me, although I do give it props for the collage of characters, or rather, characters with unique abilities. The demon theme and/or setting is something I’ve seen so many times, especially if you watch series such as Inuyasha. If you ask me, anything demon-related pretty much gives off a bland taste. The same can be said of its ‘superhero vs super villain’ aspect.

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