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Clannad~After Story – Episode 2: Our favorite brawl magnet


Finally, the laugh-out-loud moments I’ve been craving from this Season 2 has finally come out!

I could not help but literally laugh my ass off at Sunohara. You have to love the guy…he’s so gullible when it comes to completely useless advice Tomoya gives him, which often cause other girls to misinterpret his actions and ultimately, get beat up.

If anything, I have to admit that this episode is even funnier than the last one. Not only does Sunohara get beat up but he also manages to land a pretend date on Sanae. The way he reacted out of nevernous was simply divine comedy (not even sure if that’s the right way to address it)..but yes, good laughs indeed.

Speaking of Sunohara’s pretend date with Sanae, if old man Akio find out about these, Sunohara will not only get beat up…he will get beat up bad. Chances of this happening? Knowing how Sunohara is…you can bet your ass 100%.

Sorry Fuuko fans, still no sign of her.


  • The driving force of the episode is the fact that Mei refuses to go home in concern for her brother’s future and well being. Sunohara responds by addressing the need for a pretend girlfriend, in hopes of convincing his sister that he can live on his own. And so Sunohara’s search for a fake girlfriend begins, but not without a little sense of flattery from Tomoya for motivation.
  • Among the girls on the Sunohara’s list is Ryou, simply because she’s the first one Sunohara spots. Ryou refuses, saying the idea is too embarassing for her to bear and immediately starts crying. Kyou then rushes to her crying sister, misunderstands Sunohara for bullying Ryou, and beats him up in the process.
  • Next on the list is Tomoyo. Sunohara is initially frightened (no surprise of course) by the idea of asking her to be his fake girlfriend. But after justifying how their rivalry might be able to make her understand his circumstances, he surmounts the courage to ask her. Tomoyo responds first by ignoring him, then sending Sunohara flying.
  • Sunohara also considered asking Kotomi, who was more than willing to help. But after hearing her play the violin as means of doing things together as a couple…
  • The group then heads to ask Miyazawa…but before Miyazawa can even state her decision, Sunohara falls into the hands of what seems to be a delinquent who was hiding at Miyazawa’s library at that time. For the third time in this episode, Sunohara is beat up (more like brutally strangled).
  • Finally, Sunohara gets to have a fake girlfriend….with Nagisa’s supposed ‘sister,’ who’s actually Sanae, Nagisa’s mother. Aside from the risk of getting beat up by Akio (of which Sunohara is oblivious about), Sanae seems to be doing a good job of convincing Mei that she is Sonohara’s girlfriend…for now.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

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Do you really think asking a girl randomly will get yourself a girlfriend?

Nagisa looks better without bangs

My brother is a masochist?!



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