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Ga-Rei Zero: First Impressions

If I could sum this whole episode up in one word, it would be action-packed intense (make that three words). Which basically is what it all was, a lot of fighting paranormal enemies that can’t be seen by the normal human eye. Not that I’m against this, I found the episode to be amazing. I would say that it was a perfect “first episode”.

As for plot wise, there really isn’t much to say, since it’s only the first episode. There’s so much that could happen later on, that I can’t even potentially guess what. They already threw in such a “WOW WTF” ending, that I was speechless till the very end. They did however give a lot of foreshadowing using Tooru’s flashbacks, the appearances of a pair of Blue Morpho butterfly wings at the end of every finished battle, as well as the strange grayish-white haired man surrounded by the same butterflies. So I’ll just wait for the next episode and hopefully they’ll give me an explanation.


Tooru Kanze (Unit 77): Our little protagonist, he’s got a past that he can’t let go of. Which adds to the story more, since the villain seems to want a piece of him and vise versa. I wonder why?

Uses a gun with specialized bullets to kill the paranormal entities.

Natsuki Kasuga (Unit 33): The killer chick who kills paranormal entities using her motorcycle.She’s very talented with a bike, I have to say.

Masaki Shindō (Unit 55): Not much to say about Masaki.

Kudou Kusuno (Unit 11): Their pilot? He flew the aircraft every time, so I’m going to assume that he is.

Mami Izumi (Ops Center): The girl monitoring everything. She didn’t appear much, so I don’t have much to say about her.



  kanzeon wrote @

Natsuki is just way too cool… Motorcycle pr0n is everywhere!!!

  Greg Myers wrote @

I definitely liked the first episode, definitely gets you hooked and wanting to see what exactly happens during the next episode with that insane ending. I actually said outload WTF! when that happend and that doesn’t happen often.

  Shala wrote @

@kanzeon: YEAH! I want her killer bike skills!

@Greg Myers: Lol! I went “Wait… what?” then pressed rewind for good measure just to see if my eyes saw that correctly. They were correct alright…

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