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Yozakura Quartet – Episode 1

First Impressions

Yozakura Quartet was kinda so-so for me, although I do give it props for the collage of characters, or rather, characters with unique abilities. The demon theme and/or setting is something I’ve seen so many times, especially if you watch series such as Inuyasha. If you ask me, anything demon-related pretty much gives off a bland taste. The same can be said of its ‘superhero vs super villain’ aspect.

The last thing I want to have as a plot is a group of extraordinary teenagers trying to fend off extraordinary opponents. Might as well call in the Power Rangers if that’s the case. Don’t get me wrong, I did mention my liking on the very uber powers…I just hope there’s more to them than showing them off.

For now, I have a very low expectation for this series since Episode 1 didn’t really present a very solid plot (if there is one). So until then, I will hold my thoughts, cross my fingers, and hope that the next episode will bring a lot of excitement, enough for me to take an interest into.


  • The world of Yozakura Quartet revolves around a town named Sakurashin. What started as a group of small Sakura trees that served as a two-way gateway for Youkai (supernatural beings) between their world and ours is now a town in which humans and Youkai live together. The town also serves as a retreat for Youkai who have been persecuted by humans.
  • Sakurashin is presided over by Hime, playing the role of mayor for the town. She is a dragon incarnate, and therefore possesses extreme physical abilities, some of which include the ability to jump very long distance and a considerable amount of strength and reflexes enough to be able to visually track down and deflect a bullet traveling at a speed of Mach 3.
  • Other notable figures include Akina,  an ordinary boy who has a not-so-ordinary power of expelling Youkai from the human world; Kotoha, a girl capable of using Kotodama (incantation spells); and Ao, a mind reader.
  • Their first challenge was to track down a notorious serial gunman able to leap long distances and or vanish out of thin air, only to reappear somewhere else. Eventually, he is expelled out of the human host in which he resided and back to Youkai dimension.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

Manhattan Sakurashin, the setting of Yokazura Quartet.

Her/his weird sense of fashion is probably what got him/her targeted by the serial gunman.

Looking forward to knowing these characters later.

The cameraman shooting her broadcast did absolutely nothing, even when she had a gun right under her throat...

...Speaking of which, you'll probably never see this cutie ever again.

Useless piece of contraption.

Kotoha could've frozen the guy completely, but only froze his add drama.



  FuyuMaiden wrote @

lol, I’m reading the manga right now and the first volume is pretty much them just showing off their powers so far. It’s mostly caught my interest with some characters. Hime-ojousama is my personal favorite. Hime~!

The nurse reporter lady is listed as a recurring character in the manga though. But I haven’t seen her again yet…

Anyway, for me this anime is just a bunch of awesome all wrapped together. Hime whacking bullets out of the air was just plain cool.

  Panther wrote @

Oh, so that was the background story. I only watched the raws and I was like, what were they saying in the first 3 minutes. The second episode was slightly better indeed, talking about Akina and his powers.

  Kitsune wrote @

Aha, I see you have a thing for nurses! 😛

I liked color design, OP, and characters of the series.

  7 wrote @

@FuyuMaiden: Really?! The nurse lady a recurring character?! Sweet!

@Panther: Slightly better huh…well’ there’s a lot more room for improvement, considering the many episodes that have yet to be aired.

@Kitsune: Not necessarily nurses…just that one. 🙂

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