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Toradora! – Episode 2: More relationship complications

[Gah! There was a spelling error on the post, and before I realized it…the title already got syndicated by aggregators, and is now seemingly permanent. UGH!]


If anything, this episode was pretty much on Ryuuji and Taiga’s first joint attempt to win the hearts of their love interests. Ironically though, that very same cooperation backfires on them as rumors of Ryuuji and Taiga dating gets out of hand…

The fact that those rumors spread like wildfire  was probably the most interesting part of the episode. I really thought Taiga will actually get a relationship with Kitamura (I haven’t read the manga by the way), not that I have a problem with that. To be quite honest, I think Taiga is better off with Kitamura…that way, she won’t be as demanding and intrusive as she is to Ryuuji. As for Ryuuji, I think it would be better for him if he had Minori…maybe because I didn’t like the fact how Ryuuji does so many things for someone who does not even show her appreciation. Then again, the series is called Toradora, a direct reference to Taiga and Ryuuji. So if there’s any mention about love interests, you (who like me, haven’t read the manga) can expect one to happen between the two of them. Although I currently do not approve this pairing (I’ll probably get flamed for this), I will play along and hold my other thoughts until I see a lot more episodes.


  • Taiga seems to have made it a habit to come over by Ryuuji’s house for breakfast, as well as having her lunch prepared for her by him.
  • While walking to school together, they coincidentally bump into Minori who, upon seeing Ryuuji and Taiga walking together, gets the wrong impression of them going out.
    • Taiga immediately clears up the misunderstanding by saying she just happen to walk together with Ryuuji since their houses happens to be in close proximity to one another.
  • We get to see the details of their first plan to get their person of interest. The plan was to take place during their gym class. Ryuuji who was partnered with Taiga, was to throw a basketball to Kitamura’s partner. If successful, he was to take that person to the school clinic, which in turn will allow Taiga to pair up with Kitamura.
    • Things too a turn for the worse when Kitamura partners with a girl, which distracts Ryuuji for a moment and instead causes him to throw a basketball to Taiga.
  • Their second plan also gets foiled when the cookies Taiga baked for a rushing Kitamura ends up flying out of the window while chasing him.
    • An upset Taiga makes a remark on how everything she does never succeeds.
    • Ryuuji then comforts her by eating the recovered cookies and making a compliment.
  • At this point, the rumors of Ryuuji and Taiga going out have severely spread around the school. When news gets to Minori, she takes Ryuuji and Taiga to the rooftop to formally leave Taiga in Ryuuji’s care. Kitamura makes his apperance as well.
  • Dismayed and depressed, Taiga expresses her frustations by kicking an electric post. With a little help from Ryuuji, they manage to bend the post by a little bit. Taiga then uses this as to jumpstart her resolve to confess to Kitamura and saying that Ryuuji can stop being her ‘dog’ and act like normal classmates starting the following day.
    • We find out a little background information on Taiga’s parents. Taiga reveals that it is because of the tension between her and her parents that she is living alone.
  • The next day, we see Taiga finally gather her courage to confess to Kitamura.
    • Unfortunately for Taiga, her confession to Kitamura is misinterpreted a request to be friends…thanks to her mentioning how it’s because of Ryuuji that she was able to muster her feelings to confess to him.
    • Ryuuji, who has been eavesdropping the whole time, reveals his position and asks what Taiga’s going to do next while offering to make dinner for her.
      • Taiga refuses the offer, saying how she doesn’t need his help anymore.. Ryuuji responds by saying he will stay by her side, just as dragons do to tigers in old times.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

Yep...still a MILF

I did mention Avian Flu on the previous post...looks like I was right.

The ball literally sunk in her skull

Only in anime are you able to wear your jacket like this...any place else and it would've already flown off. she really that small?

If it weren't for this retard right here...

Everything would've gone as planned and she wouldn't have cried.



  jp wrote @

psst, something’s wrong with that sentence:

“I really thought Kitamura will actually get a relationship with Kitamura”

Amazing episode though, I’ve been enjoying Toradora more than most shows this season.

  7 wrote @

What the heck? Thanks for the hint. I’m surprised I didn’t realize this….I did a search on all word ‘Kitamura,’ and surprisingly, the words on that sentence didn’t show up…UGH.

But yes, I agree with you…..

  Kitsune wrote @

[Gah! There was a spelling error on the post, and before I realized it…the title already got syndicated by aggregators, and is now seemingly permanent. UGH!]

This is utterly inexcusable! How could you, 7? The world is going to end now! 😛

I really like your notes though – they are written for the web and are easy to scan 🙂

  7 wrote @

@Kitsune: Yeah…I don’t know what happened to me. This has to be my greatest blog blunder yet…

And thanks…good to know somebody likes a new way to post summaries…:)

  blissmo wrote @

Toradora’s moving so quickly, but I just love Ryuuji, even though he may be quite weird-looking

  kanzeon wrote @

I was surprised because this episode covered like, 8 chapters of the manga… Nevertheless, I don’t care as long as it kept me entertained.

  amayalee wrote @

Taiga is small…and the fact that I’m about as tall as she is makes me sad and happy. Lol…Yep, she’s still a milf! XD

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