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Gundam 00 Season 2 – Episode 2: Total Pwnage…Setsuna Style


As the title suggests, this week’s episode was more on showing off the devastating capabilities of Celestial Being’s latest release, Gundam 00

(not zero zero….double Oh). That aside, the Gundam Meisters are one step closer to reuniting the squad by officially acquiring Neil Dylandy as the bearer of the Lockon Stratos codename. There was also a scene, which I thought was very enjoyable, where we were shown gaylord Ribbons actually wearing a worried and threatened face. As far as I remember, we never see him feel that way since everything seems to go according to his plan… seeing him challenged even by a little bit, to me, is a sign saying Celestial Being is capable of upsetting whatever world-domination agendas he has.

Going back to Setsuna’s new Gundam, I have to say I’m very impressed with the new twin engine design and how it can generate GN particles potent enough to hinder enemy fire. At the same time, I’m wondering why I am so impressed with something so simple….the only thing they added to the armaments was another solar furnace. I mean come on, you don’t need  a brain to say that two engines are always better than one!


  • The Gundam 00 project actually started a couple of years before the timeline of the second season. The project’s main focus was to develop a double solar furnace system which in turn will exponentially increase the Gundam’s GN particle output. The main obstacle to the project was the fact that Celestial Being didn’t have a pair of compatible solar furnaces or rather, they couldn’t find a solar furnace compatible with Gundam 0’s.
  • Ace pilots from what used to be the three major powers back in Season 1 find themselves and one another as A-LAWS operatives.
  • Ribbons, who has cleared through the most secure of databases aboard Veda, locates where Celestial Being resided and manipulates the A-Laws to launch an attack to them.
  • Tierra, being the only one capable of defending could only hold the opposing forces for so long.
  • Setsuna who just came back from the ground to retrieve Neil and Sumeragi, pilots Gundam 00 while in Trans Am, hoping that the Gundam 0 furnace will synchronize with Exia’s furnace. Against all odds, the synchronization stabilizes, Gundam 00 activates and manages to wipe out the approaching A-LAWS forces.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

Absolutely unecessary acrobatics

Simply PWNED, OWNED, DOMINATED, etc.. better worry..

Setsuna stole my biatch...

Will he be able to shoot as well as Neil?

How does she fit her curls in her helmet?




  gordon wrote @

lockon is back. possible love triangle between lockon, feldt and teria now maybe? (‘~’)

  dARK_tORNADO wrote @


  7 wrote @

@gordon: Love triangle? With Tierra? How yaoi. ROFL! Anyhow, there’s a possibility of a relationship between Lyle and Feldt, assuming he can makes Feldt feel the same way.

@dARK_tORNADO” Looks like somebody’s a Lockon fan, or probably imitating a malfunctioning Haro?

  zero wrote @


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