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Chaos; Head – Episode 1

First Impressions

Yeah, yeah…I know it’s a bit late…but then again, Chaos; Head wasn’t really something I was really enthusiastic to blog about. I am quite disappointed about the first episode actually. I really thought it was going to make me ‘in’ to it…guess I was wrong. It’s probably (and hopefully) because of how Takumi, one of the leading characters, was portrayed. Somehow, his indifference to real life (or 3D as he calls it) and his extreme fanaticism to a pseudo-world (2D by his terms) so to speak (games, anime and such) ticked me off. Him living in an ill-kept freight car and driving her sister away ticks me even more…

If there is anything I’ve liked so far about the series, it’s the bizarre atmosphere it presents to the viewer. Fetus inside a man’s corpse…a suicide bandwagon…the madness of the generation…all of which are a plus to me. For now, I can only hope that the next episode will be a lot better to my tastes…hopefully, more of the odd stuff and some tangible plot.

As for the episode itself, there’s really not much to it. In fact, there were only four parts of the episode that played a critical role…


  • Takumi is a high school student. He is characterized as an antisocial…doesn’t seem to interact much with other students at his school (save for one guy), refuses to establish any means of communication to his family (not even a cell phone), and is either delusional or under the influence of drugs (go check the scene where his sister drank one of his cola drinks…looked liked there was something on that bottle). His companion is that of an imaginary one…Seira is actually a character from his favorite anime series.
  • A link sent by one of Takumi’s game buddies refers Takumi to a news article referring to the two peculiar incidents…one involving a man’s corpse that contained a fetus, the other being an organized group suicide involving five girls jumping from a tall building. Before he can react to what he just saw, his sister pays him a visit, then goes back online only to receive a link to an image a from random IGN by the name of Shogun, who claims that more peculiar incidents have yet to take place. The image revealed a brutally impaled man.
  • Much later, Takumi finds himself straying into an alley, in which he found the same impaled corpse he saw in the picture earlier. Beside the corpse is a girl covered in blood, who was trying to impale the corpse even more. The girl seems to know about Takumi, saying that she wanted to meet him…much to Takumi’s horror. He immediately flees for his life.
  • The next day, things get more hectic for Takumi as he succumbs more to paranoia and gets more and more convinced that someone is following him…turns out he’s right, but instead of finding the girl he saw at the bloody scene, she finds another girl by the name of Kusunoki Yua who happens to be an anime fan like him…
  • Only to later discover that his new seatmate is none other than the girl whom he saw impaling a bloody corpse…

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

At the top of your many rip offs have you seen from this episode?

The best thing about hallucinations...

...can also be the worst...

...and this might be the reason why (notice the cloudy substance)

It's Aimo Aimo time!

From under a skirt... this poor man's body.



  blissmo wrote @

I couldn’t even finish this

  thepoop wrote @

I was soooo lost…. i dunno if i will watch ep 2 at all

  7 wrote @

@blissmo: I felt the same way at first…I almost gave up on the series if it weren’t for the oddities…

@thepoop: I’ll watch ep 2 to see if anything changed for the better….

  Shala wrote @

This is really strange. Though, I think that there’s something really wrong with Takumi. Maybe he really is on drugs…

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