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Tales of the Abyss – Episode 3: Another one joins the gang


Here’s to another late post…piles of homework just increase by the day…

Anyhow, the episode is pretty much on adding more characters to the gang. Remember Guy from the first episode? He becomes an ‘official’ member of the gang at this episode. Speaking of members, there’s also the appearance of the Oracle Knights (Tear aside).

There’s also a point where Jade gets called a necromancer. The moment I heard that word, I immediately thought of Diablo II, not to mention that was where I last heard that word. Then it hit me how each member of the gang specialized at something, just like the heroes of Diablo II (Luke would be the Barbarian, Jade the necromancer, etc).

And yes, Luke is being f***ing annoying and gay. What good is his swordsmanship if he can’t even fight to kill or fight to protect?


  • Picking up from the last episode where Tear and Luke were both apprehended by Jade’s unit, we find out Jade only did to confirm the source of the Seventh Fonon Hyperresonance.
  • We learn that a war is about to break out between Kingdom of Kimlasca and the Malkuth Empire. Master Ion of the Lorelai Religion, has been requested to mediate the peace treaty by the Malkuth Emperor. The problem is, he’s being kept in check by Mohs, a political leader who has always opposed Ion. He is in command of the Mohs faction (members of Lorelai who hold Mohs’ views), as well as the Oracle Knights of which Tear is a member of.
  • Tartarus gets raided by the Oracle Knights, whose objective was to bring back the fleeing Ion. Along the way, we are introduced to a few new characters…all of which like Tear, are members of the Oracle Knights.
  • We learn of Jade’s nickname, Jade the Necromancer, from one of the Oracle Knight’s God Generals who was commenting on how he scavenges for corpses after battle.
  • Eventually, everyone aboard the Tartarus gets captured but later escapes (save for the non main characters like the Malkuth soldiers) escape thanks to Guy’s appearance.
  • Tear gets severely wounded by the pursuing Oracle Knight soldiers…
  • Mieu, the Cheagle, is actually a boy. 🙂

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

At a very young age, she is capable of using marriage as a tool to promote one's social status

It's his cowardice that brought him into this dispositon

She didn't have to wait for Jade to stab the guy...



Somehow, I felt akward with this handshake scene

Funny how his name is 'Guy' and how he dislikes women


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