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Gundam 00 Season 2 – Episode 3: Welcome back Allelujah


Woot! This episode was the bomb! At long last, the Gundam Meisters are complete! What’s even better is them working together with their new Gundams and laying waste on any opposition…simply pure epic if you ask me. I enjoyed this episode a lot, not to mention the very exciting rescue operation from Sumeragi’s tactical planning to the Meisters’ execution. If there’s anything to complain about, it would be how the Meisters took with them excess luggage (that would be Marina) after rescuing Allelujah. Come to think of it, Allelujah was about to take Soma/Marie too. Honestly, I think Marina would have been much safer if she stayed at the containment facility. Now that’s she’s with Celestial Being, she’ll become more of a target for the Earth Federation. In other words, she just increased her chances of getting killed.

It’s good to know that Lyle, the new Lockon Stratos, is as good (if not better) as his brother in sniping. This way, the other Meisters, not to mention the rest of Celestial Being, won’t have any problems getting used to him.

Allelujah appears to be as sharp of a Gundam pilot as he was before…although it makes me wonder if he could’ve been more of a badass pilot if his alter ego were present. By the way, what happened to Hallelujah?


  • Due to the recent reappearance of the Gundams, Marina became the interest of the Earth Federation since she was seen making contact with Celestial Being four years ago. This was the reason why she was apprehended in the previous episode.
  • We see for the second time how Ribbons can exploit Veda when it comes all strategic operations against Celestial Being.
  • A captured Allelujah claims to have known Soma by another name or Marie to be specific. Later in the episode, he starts claiming that Soma’s real name was Marie Parfashi. As she heard these words from Allelujah, Soma starts having minute recollections and goes blank.
  • Celestial Being receives an encoded message from Wang Liu Mei regarding Allelujah’s disposition. Immediately, all aboard the Ptolemios holds a meeting discussing Allelujah’s rescue, only to be hindered by Sumeragi’s refusal to participate. Eventually, she agrees and contemplates a strategy for the rescue operation.
  • Following Sumeragi’s tactics, Ptolemios descends into Earth’s atmosphere and immediately submerges under water along the containment facility.
    • Their rapid submersion creates a temporary tidal wave, crippling enemy mobile suits in the process.
    • Setsuna breaches the facility and leaves the safety of his Gundam to look for Allelujah.
    • Tieria holds his position to defend Setsuna’s empty Gundam.
    • Lockon snipes at a distance as backup.
  • When Setsuna finds Allelujah, he gives him a designated point in which Gundam Arios will be able to pick him up. Setsuna then heads off to retrieve Marina.
  • Just a few seconds short of the time allotted for the operation, all the four Gundams regroup and successfully escapes enemy territory.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

When comparing Gundam Seed to Gundam 00, coordinators are to innovators as Seed Mode are to...well, what Ribbons is doing in this pic

Onegai sensei...treat me as you treated Nii-sama...

Here's your Power Ranger outfit...

Ownage sniping skills...

It's amazing how she can think of brilliant strategies while drunk

Sniping Gundams FTW!

The rainbow ruined pwnage mood



  53RG10 wrote @

Lyle, {I refuse to call him Lockon}, is annoying me. He may be as good as Lockon, but I just don’t like him, he’s putting up a face, acting like he doesn’t know anything.

Also, in the preview, it seems like he’ll play around with Feldt…UNFORGIVABLE!!! >_<

  7 wrote @

@53RG10: Can’t wait until that scene! LYLYE’S GONNA BE PIMPIN’…WOOT! 🙂

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