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Polls – The next best thing to pr0n…just kidding..I meant flash and java

While writing a post a couple of days ago, I couldn’t help but notice what seems like a zit-looking button on the Write New Post interface. Turns out to be a poll button. Yep, you heard right…now you can have a poll in each and every post you have. Not exactly what I was wishing for, but it’s still a slight improvement. I was hoping they would be a little lenient about anything flash/java…only then can the fun really start.

So..let’s give it a try shall we?



  FuyuMaiden wrote @

I’m happy that we have polls now, but…what would really be nice would be having them in the sidebars and stuff.

The polls feel too much like throwaways when you can just have them in the posts.

  kanzeon wrote @

I’m really happy that WP finally had their polls feature. But I agree with Fuyu-chan. It would be better if we could put them in our sidebars…

I prefer people discussing on blogs than having them vote in polls though :).

  thenullset wrote @

to get a poll on the sidebar, first create the poll either at polldaddy’s website or while creating a post, copy the code (looks like

) then go to the sidebar under Design -> Widget, add a textbox and paste the code into the textbox. Save and it should show up.

I have a poll on my sidebar currently. Also you have to pick one of the thinner layouts to fit in the sidebar (they were towards the end of the 19 styles to pick from).

  53RG10 wrote @

I’m not really into polls, but this is a nice feature and I’ll probably be using it! ^_^

  Kitsune wrote @

Yep, you heard right…now you can have a poll in each and every post you have.

Polls were available quite some time ago, but the new feature makes the poll creation even easier 🙂

  amayalee wrote @

It’s good that we’ve got something new! But I still wish they’d let us use our own themes, instead of the ones they supply. (Mainly cause none of those themes suite my fancy) But I like polls! It’s a small fun thing to brainwash us into thinking they’re actually doing real updating! ^.^

  Kitsune wrote @

Keep in mind that you can make your own theme for polls. Go to the PollDaddy website and check out the custom option. I used that option for putting images in my MF poll for example, but you can further adjust the theme.

  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

This feature has been in WP for a very long time ago. I already know this before they put it in a post entry. XD haha /brags
I always read the FAQs page. Go there and you can discover new things that arent conspicous in your dashboard 😀

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