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Yozakura Quartet – Episode 2: Youkai are also capable of stereotyping


What’s with whiny characters all of a sudden? I got so annoyed with Rin on this episode by her attitude towards humans. Not only does she get emo about it,  she also detests Akina for something he should be thanked for, which is rid the city of maverick Youkai. Poor Akina…then again, poor Rin. Being scorched with a hot umbrella tip sure is painful…but that’s still no reason to be racist stereotype.

I am still having a hard time understanding how Youkai live on the human world. First I thought that when they enter our world, they have their own bodies. Then I found out through Akina’s tuning that Youkai use human bodies as hosts. Does that mean Hime along with the others are borrowing someone else’s body? There’s also the question about Akina’s tuning…if what his grandparents said were true about ‘killing’ Youkai in the process, will the human host also get killed? I don’t know…


  • We learn that tuning, an ability Akina demonstrated from the precious episode to expel malignant Youkai, actually kills them.
  • Rin, Sakurashin’s latest resident, is still having a hard time accepting that Akina the human plays a vital role to the city.
  • Nanagou, the group of gigantic cherry trees that surround Sakurashin’s perimeter also acts a protective barrier from unwanted outsiders.
  • The mystery menace that was showed at the end of the previous episode is actually a Kitsune (a demon fox), capable of manipulating things with electricity. [Kitsune…you’re a bad guy on this episode! 🙂 ]
  • This kid whom we were shown from the last episode….
    Is actually the (or a…if he’s the only one) District Councilor of the city.
  • It appears that Kyousuke, Hime’s ogre assistant under the guise of a human, has something against Akina. Although the reasons are unknown, he seems to be irritated that her sister has a slight attraction to Akina.
  • The reason why Rin is resentful toward humans is the fact that she was bullied and scorched (similar to branding a cow) by a group of human students on the notion that Youkai are very strong.
  • Kotoha, the Kotodama (spell) user, claims to be a former human [say what?]
  • While Akina is pondering about being called a murderer by Rin, Hime and Kyousuke are investigating what seems to be a house that spontaneously exploded. Turns out that it was caused by a local demon who lost control of his powers. Before Hime can even assess the situation, another similar incident takes place.
  • Rin also falls victim and loses control of her powers. By the time Hime and Kyousuke arrive at the scene, Rin has already released a great ball of energy that’s growing in size be the second.
  • Akira arrives shortly, performs tuning but makes it seem that he’s going to kill Rin in the process. In reality, he was aiming for a shadow who turns out to be the culprit behind the incidents in which Youkai lose their powers.
  • Watching from a distance is Kitsune, talking to another unknown character who seems to be the one directing the shadow.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

A snake-looking Youkai...

...turned into a roasted Unagi in seconds

This violates Newton's first law...

Another cutie appears...

Girl, have you got no shame?

Even with his oni horns, he's still useless

Just as when we thought Kitsune was a problem, another one appears


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  Kitsune wrote @

Well, foxes have this tsundere nature, you know. At first, they appear evil (Youko Kurama), but they actually have a kind heart (Shuichi Minamino) 🙂

Oh I see, they replaced that nurse with a maido 😛

That next to last picture of a guy with horns and glasses is awesome 😀

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