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Toradora! – Episode 3: All about Minori


As of this episode, I officially became a Minori fan, most likely because of her optimistic and energetic attitude (as compared to emo ones) that’s complemented by her extreme kawaii factor.

To some extent, I was moved by her words when she mentioned something about her knocking out her weaknesses.  It’s even more surprising how that resolve of hers is enabling her to do so many things at once.

But yeah, it’s interesting how something as simple as a phrase can hold a very deep meaning. Nevertheless, good for her! I just hope that attitude of hers will reach fruition in the future.


  • Throughout the whole episode, we find out all about Minori’s part time jobs. Although Ryuuji and Taiga only finds her working at two places (first at a family-owned restaurant as a waitress, then a liquor store as a shop assistant), she actually also works at a karaoke box, a hot pot restaurant and a convenience store, on top of working to accessorize cell phones.
  • Through an odd series of events, Ryuuji and Taiga find themselves working at the very same liquor store where Minori works. Then through another odd series of events, Ryuuji and Minori accidentally get locked up in a store room while trying to get some Shōchū (a liquor variant from Japan). With Taiga somewhere else running an errand to deliver beer on a bike she doesn’t know how to ride, all that Ryuuji and Minori can think of at the moment was to kill time by playing softball with liquor bottles.
  • Ryuuji notices and comments on how Minori hands were trembling while trying to bat with a bottle. Minori immediately responds by denying it and remarking on how she’ll knock out her weakness. It is at this point that Ryuuji comes into epiphany regarding Minori’s rather energetic behavior…he deduces that behind that optimistic attitude of hers is an intention to get rid of all her weaknesses.
  • Finally able to think of a way out of the storeroom, Minori points to the window and insists on stacking boxes to reach it. When Ryuuji was about reach the window, he sees a rather enraged Taiga, gets kicked by her from the other side of the window. Taiga manages to land safely inside the store room only to realize that the ladder she used to reach the window has fallen over, therefore locking herself in along with Ryuuji and Minori.

She's so adorable!

Any lower and it could've been much worse...


Your mom's ****** felt like this...

...speaking of moms...

Kawaii! She looks like a doll if she stays still!

I wonder what's scarier...her getting pissed or her pretending to be happy...



  amayalee wrote @

Ah, looks like you and I disagree about Minori! 😛 I’m still loving Toradora anyhow! I’m glad the episode focused on Minori is over though, so we can move on with actual story. ^.^

  Kitsune wrote @

Oh, I can almost feel the pain of that kick into abdominal area…

The shot of the girl on the grass looks nice due to setting sun lighting 🙂

  biankita wrote @

i always found something incomprehensibly twisted and disturbing about perpetually cheerful characters like minorin. the episode was kinda of a little letdown compared to the previous two but i still like it.

  7 wrote @

@amayalee: Shhh! Don’t tell me anything about actual stories. 🙂 Remember, I haven’t read the manga.

@Kitsune: I’d rather get kicked the abdominal area as compared to somewhere lower. 🙂

@biankita: In my case, I found this episode more interesting compared to what I’ve seen so far. It’s probably because I’m slightly more interested in character development than the plot itself.

  RogerOsk wrote @

The novels are the actual source, the 12 chapters of the manga are already covered with the first two episodes

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