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Chaos; Head – Episode 2: Very Chaotic Indeed


With the series finally gaining momentum, I found this episode to be a lot more interesting, let alone more intense, than the last episode.

I like the way how things are simply not as they appear…especially when the borderline between reality and Takumi’s delusion becomes less and less conspicuous. I am very excited and interested to know what roles the six girls shown on the OP sequence to Takumi. For now, we can only be sure that Rimi is (or was) one of Takumi’s friends. We have yet to find more about Yua and her agendas. The same goes for the singing girl from Episode 1.

By the looks of things on the preview, another girl (one of the six) will join the cast. Great! Looking forward to it.


  • Recapping back to the previous episode, we find out that the girl whom Takumi thought to be responsible for the impaled corpse is actually his very close friend, Rimi…at least according to his other friend Misui, who claims that they have been in the same class since first year. Takumi is even more surprised, and at the same time frightened, that he somehow recognizes Rimi’s name.
  • Back home, Takumi tries to convince himself through, Seira’s encouragement, that Rimi was just another one of his delusions, when suddenly, a blood-covered Rimi appears before his eyes. Thinking that he’s just seeing another delusion, he suddenly realizes that the Rimi was actually there, paying him a visit to check up on him. He shortly kicks her out.
  • The police finally take their first move to investigate the case regarding the impaled corpse, with Inspectors Ban and Suwa briefing the rest of their team about a surveillance tape showing Takumi running from the scene of crime with a stake. They immediately turn him their prime suspect.
  • The rest of the episode is focused on Yua, who is portrayed to have an interest on Takumi. Takumi seems to be getting along with her as well until he finds out by accident the contents of Yua’s bag which primarily consist of newspaper articles referring to all of the New Generation-related incidents.
  • Takumi was about run away when Yua grabs hold of his hands to restrain him from doing so. She then takes out one of the stakes that was used on the murder scene and asks Takumi how it ended up in his room.
  • Shortly after, she let goes of Takumi and asks him if has any precognitive powers as Yua grabs hold of an image of the murder scene, claiming that it has been in Takumi’s possession even before the crime took place. She also shows him all the timestamps of messages taken from the computer Takumi used in an internet cafe. Strangely, the timestamps match exactly to those of Shogun’s. It is with this that Yua concludes that Takumi is indeed, Shogun.

How very sexy...

There's really no point of drawing the shape of the stake on the white board

Apparently, the New Generation has not yet heard of Instant Messaging

In his dreams...

Where'd the water from the wheel come from?

Yua looks hawt!

Funny how animeight's slogan says..."For your Delusion..."



  Kitsune wrote @

Sexy?! It is scary and dangerous! Well, if she can lick that spike in such a way, then it is not that sharp after all 😛

  7 wrote @

@Kitsune: ..or her tongue can do wonders. 🙂

  amayalee wrote @

I’m really enjoying this anime. It’s in one of my favorite genres and has a good plot! I just love it! XD Glad you’re reviewing, cause I was planning to, but couldn’t quite fit it in with my schedule! ^.^ Keep up the good work 7!

  FuyuMaiden wrote @

lol. It seems like you completely forgot about Takumi’s sister. But that’s okay, I think everyone has. She’s so boring (AKA not showing any signs of crazy).

  7 wrote @

@amayalee: Glad you like the series. It’s really amazing how Chaos;Head takes a different approach to appeal to the audience.

@FuyuMaiden: Don’t worry…I haven’t forgotten about Taku’s sister. It’s just that she doesn’t pose much of a significance to blog about, well, at least for now…

  jennkei wrote @

I just watched this while catching up on anime…and I have to say thanks for pointing out the slogan. XD I didn’t notice that!

  7 wrote @

@jennkei: You’re welcome!

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