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ef – a tale of melodies – Episode 2: Loli again? Ugh…


This episode was somewhat boring. Aside from learning a little about Yuu and Yuuko’s past, and a hint of Hirono Nagi’s wellbeing and whereabouts, everything else was a pile of junk.

I don’t know about the rest of you but there has been a red flag going up inside my head every time I see Mizuki flirting whenever she’s around Kuze. Speaking of which, I honestly have no clue what’s the deal with Kuze fainting and having strange dreams.

It really left me scratching my head.


  • We learn that Yuu lived most of his childhood as an orphan with this his younger sister, until the incident involving what seems to be a fire which ultimately killed her sister.
  • We also learn that Yuu and Yuuko first met during their childhood as both were orphans. Although Yuu treats Yuuko harshly at first who was only trying to relieve him of his sister’s loss by keeping him company, Yuu slowly opens up to her, only to find out that she was to be taken out of the orphanage by a relative, much to his disappointment.
  • Ever since them Yuu has made it a resolve to only depend on himself, saying that everyone will eventually be left alone in the end. It is because of this resolve that he was able to get out of the orphanage and attend a very expensive school with all his tuition fully paid.
  • It is at this school in which Yuu gets reunited with Yuuko again, only this time, she tells Yuu that he is her first love instead of bugging him to draw her.
  • Going back to the present, Mizuki confesses her love to Kuze.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

What the hell is Danny Choo's mascot doing here?


My metronome taught me to jack off..

Either Mizuki's naivete is showing or they dial numbers the same way they drive cars in Europe

Looks like her hat goes all the way back to her childhood

I love this screencap!




  kanzeon wrote @

I prefer Yuu and Yuuko’s route than Kuze and Mizuki’s. The posing twins in the metronome scene was totally a wtf-moment XD…

  53RG10 wrote @


And I agree about the red flag…she should be FLIRTING WITH ME!!! 😉

Just like the first season of ef, I’m liking only one part of the story, back then it was Chihiro and Renji’s story, now it’s Yuuko and Yuu’s story…

  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

lulz boxer face.

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