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Clannad~After Story – Episode 3: Mei Goes Moe


Finally…with this post, I can catch up to my blogging schedule. Yea, I know it’s late…but that’s because things have been hectic lately. I wasn’t too satisfied with my recent test scores, so I decided to rev up my studying.

Anyhow, Episode 3 had a lot of Whoa Factor. Whoa because I could not believe how Sunohara acted, whoa because I never expected Mei to get all Moe so soon. If anything, and whoa because Sunohara didn’t get beat up by Akio. If anything, I would say this episode was rather unexpectedly emotional. Last week, I was hoping to get a lot more laughs, seeing how the pretend date actually worked out. Don’t get me wrong, I did manage to get a few laughs around the near end.


  • Getting back from the ending of the previous episode, we get to see Sanae and Sunohara’s pretend date. Mei of course does not fully recognize Sanae in her disguise, but does comment on how she looks familiar.
  • Throughout the course of the ‘pretend date,’ Sunohara takes Sanae to various yet rather awkward places. Tomoya and Nagisa were actually hoping that Sunohara would take Sanae to a fancy restaurant, but instead takes her to get a simple bowl of katsudon (a pork cutlet rice bowl). In the same manner, Sunohara leads Sanae and the rest to an arcade and a CD shop instead of seeing a movie and going shopping.
  • At one point, the group passes by a playground and sees a little girl getting picked on by bullies. Mei, who had gone through similar experiences, expected his brother to step in and help. Sunohara instead chooses to ignore them, justifying his decision by saying how it’s all part of growing up. Luckily, the little girl’s brother rushes in to fend off the bullies. Sanae heads over the to the siblings to check up on them only to find out that the children could not find their way back home after doing an errand.
  • Everyone in the group agreed on helping the siblings find their way home, save for a disappointed Sunohara. Sanae reasons out with him, telling him while she considers their time together important, she must also consider other things of even more importance.
  • Things get out of hand when Sunohara gets even more convinced that Sanae is deeply in love with him, even going as far as talking about marrying.
  • Mei gets worried about his brother’s behavior when he tries to kick everyone out his dorm room, just so he can wait peacefully for Sanae’s call. Mei responds by making a ruse of making his brother believe that he’s seeing a guy, in hopes that his brother will somehow react. Much to her disappointment, the ruse doesn’t work as it was Tomoya who came after her…not his brother.
  • We find out according to Mei’s accounts that his brother had always been there for her, especially when she gets bullied. Mei then shortly learns from Nagisa the true identity of Sunohara’s supposed girlfriend.
  • Sometime later, Tomoya takes Mei on a walk to cheer her up. At one point, Mei mentioned how she wished Tomoya were his brother. Tomoya responds by acting like one, until they bump into Sunohara. Mei quickly plays another ruse by telling her brother Tomoya was the guy she’s seeing, again, in hopes that her brother will do something. Unfortunately for her, Sunohara instead walks away, but not without hesitating…

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

Guitar Hero: Underwater Special Edition Set

Turns out Sunohara's taste in music is much worse than Sanae's bread...

...and a tolilet seat!

He didn't have blonde hair?!

Oh gawd...please no...not the moe attack...7 faints to the floor

ROFLMAO! I was dying of laughter when I got to this scene...




  amayalee wrote @

I’m behind on my Clannad! I’ll just wait till I’ve got a day and catch up on everything I’ve missed. I like marathoning anime anyhow. Mei is super moe though…O.O I love how you use bullet points to outline the episodes…if I get to busy, I’ll probably steal the technique and end up doing it myself. 😛

  7 wrote @

I love how you use bullet points to outline the episodes…if I get to busy, I’ll probably steal the technique and end up doing it myself.

Glad you like my method. 🙂 But yes, it is for that very reason why I choose to bullet summaries. Not only is it a rather different way to summarize, it also cuts my time to think about transition words from one sentence to the next.

  lostty wrote @

Ditto for the bullet point style! Definitely an unique and convenient way to summarize!
The whole story behind Youhei’s hair was once explained to me by someone who played the game, but the simpler version of the story was that he died it blond after he decided to move out.
Studying even more after receiving an unsatisfying test score is pretty admirable, I hope you can achieve the marks you want! Yesterday, I was feeling like a total idiot when it came to school… It was just failure after failure, I expected this day to be the same, but a little hope was brought back as I received some very good marks on some tests and assignments.
Though, putting school aside, I still haven’t wrote up my Clannad epsiode as of yet, so don’t worry about being late because there is always someone who procrastinate even more. I hope I manage to get it done today!

  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

I was trapped by Mei.

  7 wrote @

@lostty: Ooo, looks like I got another fan of bullet-style posting..thanks!

I’ve always wanted to know how Clannad anime was different from the game.

And in regards to school…it bugs me that I got a failing score…this was the first time ever since I started college. Guess everybody does hit the floor once in a while.

@Kairu Ishimaru: Me too.. 🙂

  jennkei wrote @

….And I watched (and blogged) this just before Chaos Head. -chuckles- Coincidence~

I still don’t get the toilet seat thing. Maybe it’s because I accidentally skipped an episode. -sighs-

  7 wrote @

@jennkei: Sunohara has always been told by Tomoya that saying the toilet seat thing was cool..when it wasn’t. Of course, Sunohara believes him being the gullible person that he is.

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