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Chirping Crickets Goes Halloween Mode!


To commemorate the Halloween season (and festivities, if there are any) I decided to make some minor changes on the site, especially after seeing how many bloggers across  the blogosphere have put up their seasonal touches on their respective blogs.

Initially, I thought that putting a rushed banner of Lavi and Lenalee would be enough, only to realize that orange background of the banner did not really go well with the baby blue color of the blog’s theme. I had two choices at first…one would be to change the banner to blue….but that would take away the the Halloween colors. The other choice would be two turn the theme blue…but that would only disrupt the arrangements of web objects. Besides…the only theme with definite Halloween colors has already been taken FuyuMaiden‘s blog (very uber theme and banner btw).

And so I decided to hit the CSS. But dear me…I thought it would be easy, seeing how Ocean Mist v1.2, the theme I used on my blog, was simple. Turns out that the actual code was about seven  Microsoft Word pages long! To add more to the headache, not only did I oversee 25 different color hex codes, but I also had to change 17 different gif images! In order for things to run smoothly, you have to edit the gif images so that when you lock them together from side-to-side, you’ll have the elements of your theme (borders, fields, etc).

Ugh…the last time I used CSS was ages ago… same goes for Photoshop. So I tried to keep things simple by keeping in mind that my only objective was to change the color scheme of the site…that means no arrangements whatsoever. After a couple of hours of editing codes and editing images with Photoshop…I managed to turn the site into…well…a big pumpkin.

It wasn’t what I had in mind…but this will have to do, considering my crappy coding and editing skills.

And that’s my Halloween story. Now gimme some of that candy!

Enjoy! 🙂



  amayalee wrote @

Sounds like a lot of work! It looks lovely and it’s much better than I could do! Glad you’ve gone all Halloween themed! XD

  7 wrote @

Thanks! Wait til we get to Xmas. I’m gonna change the theme again. 🙂

  FuyuMaiden wrote @

CSS was created by the devil! I’ve only ever customized themes with colors and I hate it every time. Damn coding! I mean I can do HTML pretty easily, but CSS…argh!

Well, you did a good job anyway. Much better than I would have and in a pretty short time it seems. It looks great (I like the colors, even not just for Halloween).

  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

I really loved it!! 😀

  lostty wrote @

I applaud you for working with CSS! That’s way too complicated for me and I think the finished product for your site really looks awesome!

  7 wrote @

@FuyuMaiden: Thanks! I agree with you about CSS. It sure is a bigger pain then HTML…but it does have its advantages. For one thing, you don’t need to worry much about how your site getting wrong displays when viewed on someone else’s computer.

To be quite honest with you, I really don’t know much about CSS. I just used what I know about HTML to change things.

@Kairu Ishimaru: Why thank you very much! I will be making more themes that would befit the seasons!

@lostty: Thank you! If you want to learn a little big about CSS, I would recomend that you use Firebug, an extension for Firefox. It let’s you directly preview the CSS of your blog and lets you play around with it by disabling a line of codes. Of course, since it only gives you a direct preview, it really doesn’t do anything to change your site. It just lets you see what your site will look like if you disabled/change x number of lines.

  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

Oh how do you make themes like this anyway?..

/n00b here. XD

  7 wrote @

@Kairu Ishimaru: To be quite honest, I never really made a theme. I just recolored it. 🙂 I’ve always kept the same theme…Here’s what my theme looked like before I edited it. As you can see, nothing much changed save for the colors.

But like I’ve said to lostty, go try Firebug for Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Of course, you need to purchase the CSS editor from WordPress to edit and save changes on all things CSS. Over here, it’s $15 USD…don’t know how it is over in your country.

  Kitsune wrote @

Oh, you stickyfied this post 🙂 It sounds like you worked hard to put this theme together – it turned out very well 🙂

  7 wrote @

@Kitsune: Thanks! There will be another one for Christmas.

  53RG10 wrote @

It kinda hurts meh eyes…probably because I came from a dark themed blog {mine} to a bright themed one {yours}!!! ^_^’

But looks good! d(^_^)

Hmm…maybe I should do something for Halloween too…

By the way, if you want to learn more about CSS, head on over to W3Schools and look at their tutorials…it’s pretty easy to learn from there! ^_^

  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

Damn. I dont have money to pay for the fuckin’ CSS upgrade thingey whatsoever. Im only 14 yknow.

  7 wrote @

@53RG10: Ooo…I use this site as my reference every once in a while! Most of the things I’ve learned about CSS came from messing around with the coding and applying a little bit of logic…that is, finding out what x string of code is responsible for giving a y output.

@Kairu Ishimaru: Well, for now, you can at least start learning CSS. 🙂 Maybe one day you’ll migrate out of WordPress…when you do, CSS knowledge can come really handy when you start to design your site’s layout. 🙂

  kanzeon wrote @

Lol I only know how to use CSS on Friendster and Multiply sites XD… Just a question. Are the codes or your current theme already set up or will you still have to type it all?

Btw, your site really looks yummy and Happy Halloween! My blog fails on seasonal motifs XD…

  7 wrote @

@kanzeon: You have a choice whether to edit the theme that’s already setup or start from scratch. In my case, just edited the script that corresponded to my old theme. 🙂

  thepoop wrote @

It definitely looks great! I would never have the skill to pull off a page change. I just change my header every once in awhile…. But then again you just have an awesome site 🙂

  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

@7: I already know CSS. And JS too. I use CSS and JS through my Friendster account.

  blissmo wrote @

This is so awesome! I know nothing of CSS things, maybe a few like … yeah XD

  7 wrote @

@thepoop: Thank you very much!

@Kairu Ishimaru: I see. It’s good to have skills at your disposal.

@blissmo: Why thank you! That’s a lot coming from someone whose site is very UBER. 🙂

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