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Tales of the Abyss – Episode 4: Nothing but Random Mishaps


I was lawling that the fact that each had a nickname. It’s not that I have anything against nicknames; it’s just that it felt awkward for me. Now, if we’re talking about how nicknames of Metal Gear opponents, like Sniper Wolf, Revolver Ocelot and such, that would be a completely different story.

Nicknames aside, this episode was so-so. Not much increase as far as party members are concerned (aside from Van)…but worry not. The preview showed one of the loli characters whose weapon’s a bow and arrow whose name I forgot, will be joining the party.


  • Right after Tear recovers from her injuries from the previous episode, the group heads to the Kaitzur naval port near the Malkuth-Kimlascan border to rendezvous with Anise, whose lack of passport render her unable to proceed through the border….all of this with the hopes of meeting Van.
  • Luckily for them, Van shows up…allowing them to pass through the border. Tear immediately hoists her weapon against, accusing him of sending the God Generals.
  • Van later explains that, while the God Generals are under his command, they are at the same time members of the Mohs faction and are probably following Mohs’ orders.
  • Tear retorts by saying Mohs only aimed for peace, only to stop when she realized what Moss originally sent her to find. Van speculates that Tear was most likely sent to look for the 7th [yep, that’s me 🙂 ] Fonstone.
  • Turns out that Yula’s Score of the world’s future was so long that it had to be written in a massive Fonstone. Over time, the Fonstone broke into smaller figures…half of them became the ring of the planet….while half of them fell to the earth (earth as in ground…not planet). The Fonstones of that fell to the earth was actually the cause of the Malkuth-Kimlascan dispute. The 7th Fonstone is the one piece the Yula specifically hid, since whoever obtains it, obtains the ability to read the future.
  • Arieta the Wild of the God Generals appears out of nowhere to kidnap the engineer of the ship Luke and the others were going use to travel to Baticul. Arieta demands that Luke and Ion go to Choral Castle if they ever want to see the engineer back.
  • The gang heads to Choral castle…but not without Luke getting abducted.
  • Arieta the Wild apparently got her name because of her affinity to beasts, not to mention that her foster parent was Liger whom Luke and the others encountered in the past.
  • Guy and the others manage to fend all opposition, rescued Luke and finds out that he, like Luke, has missing memories. Guy also manages to retrieve a data disc from one of the God Generals who attended to the contraption which held Luke captive. He later gives it to Jade.
  • With the engineer safely retrieved, the gang finally sets for Baticul.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

One of the things I like in this series is how they make it so easy to hack and slash monsters.

Jade's like...*cough*Luke's a dumbass*cough*

Long ago...there was a big pile of crack...big enough that two nations would wage wars against one another...

Lol! It's a Pokemon fight.

Looks like the circus is in town!

If they had CDs in their world...why the hell didnt Yula use one? Makes things much easier for much lesser storage space.

If they had CD's in their world...why the hell didn't Yula use one? It would've made things much easier at a much lesser storage space.

You and I both know that this hero pose wasn't unintentional.


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