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Clannad~After Story – Episode 4: I’ll Beat You to Your Senses, Buddy



Simply put, this episode was packed with a lot of intense drama…but the drama was so masterfully put that I didn’t mind seeing a lot of it this episode in place of the usual dose of laughs I get from Clannad. This pretty much ends the Sunohara/Mei arc…but I have to admit, this has yet to be the best arcs I’ve seen this season. Hopefully, I’m wrong….for I want to see a lot more of these (or much better ones) from the upcoming episodes.

Speaking of drama…I literally felt like jumping into the Clannad world and massacre those f***king annoying soccer club members. Those guys are like rotten to the core starting from their faces. Damn you Tomoya…it doesn’t take an idiot to realize that these guys were up to no good from the start. But oh well…if he’s doing this for Mei’s sake, then I guess it’s all good. Then again, if he hadn’t taken Mei to room full of brutes, we wouldn’t have seen Mei crying ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .

Good job Clannad producers…you’ve managed to move me from my seat while watching this episode.


  • With increasing concerns for Sunohara’s well being, Tomoya holds a small discussion among his friends about Mei’s proposal of getting his brother to play soccer again.
  • Although Mei is well aware that the chances of her plan working are slim, she nevertheless heads to the soccer club’s roomย with Tomoya and Nagisa to personally ask the team to have his brother reinstated…only to have her plea obnoxiously turned down. To make things even more unpleasant for Mei and friends, the club president starts talking about how Mei’s brother is a hopeless person and how hopeless people like him attract other hopeless people such as Tomoya. This of course pisses Tomoya. As he was about to do something, she is stopped by Mei.
  • We find the details of Sunohara’s desertion of the soccer team. It turns out that Sunohara didn’t like how the senior members treated him….who was a lower classman. Sunohara started a violent ruckus, was prohibited to join soccer games due to his misconduct, and eventually dropped out of soccer team.
  • Mei and the others then head over to Yukine, to discuss their current circumstances. After sharing a story about her and her older brother, she then tells Mei that Sunohara has a lot of good qualities and assures her that if anything were to happen, Sunohara will undoubtedly return.
  • The next day, Tomoya gets into a fight with Sunohara, as he brings up how Mei is worried about him, only to get an indifferent remark from Sunohara.
  • Mei, Nagisa, and Tomoya attempt to convince the soccer team for the second time. The team reluctantly agrees on the condition that they pick up balls for the team, but not without having to endure harsh treatment form the soccer team by purposely kicking soccer balls all over the place.
  • After quite some time, Mei and the others finally finish their task, but to their dismay, find out that that the club president never really intended to follow his end of the deal. Mei eventually cries and gets picked on by the club president himself. Just as when Tomoya was about to step in, Sunohara appears and delivers a kick to the club president’s face. A rumble ensues afterwards.
  • Tomoya and Sunohara end up flat on the soccer field, unsure of whether they’ve won or not. When both of them get up, they exchange a couple of punches as they try to resolve their differences and clarify some confusion. Nagisa and Mei eventually step in to stop the quarrel.
  • The next day, Tomoya and Sunohara encounter one another while going to school. After seeing each other’s bruised condition, they burst into laughter; as such incident reminded them of now each other met. Much later, Sunohara receives a letter from Mei (who by then have already gone back), asking how he’s doing. We also get to see Sunohara realizing Sanae’s true identity. Shortly afterwards, Akio gives chase to a confused Sunohara, much to Tomoya’s entertainment.

7โ€™s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

Nagisa can't get any cuter eating pastry...

...nor can Mei get any cuter when drinking milk

Yukine knows best...

Mei-chan no!

You deserve that you f***ing prick!

Woot Sunohara!

And looks like Sunohara's actually gonna get beat up by Akio.



  Kitsune wrote @

Pastry and milk… Looks like a tasty episode ๐Ÿ˜›

I see you customized your theme ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks nice, especially for Halloween ๐Ÿ™‚ You might want to use orange or less saturated red though because it looks quite painful on black background ๐Ÿ˜›

  7 wrote @

@Kitsune: LOL. Is that so? Okay…the current red is #7F1D1D…I’ll change it to #EA2207

  FuyuMaiden wrote @

Nagisa can’t be cuter when she does anything! She’s Nagisa! Nagisa must mean “OMG!SOINCREDIBLYCUTE!” in some other language. Not Japanese though. Apparently the kanji in her name means “water’s edge” or something (I don’t know).

Um…but what was I saying? I got incredibly distracted just now.

Oh right! This is probably going to be the best arc out of all the side characters this season (and I think it’s best from both). But the real After Story is going blow everything from both seasons completely away. So much drama headed our way…

  7 wrote @

@FuyuMaiden: You know, your fangirling is rubbing off me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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