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Chaos; Head – Episode 3: Lots of Food for Thought


Damn right…if anything, this episode will drive you crazy as it raises a lot of questions.

Up until now, the amount of uncertainties drastically increased…uncertainties which include the mysterious organization, N.O.Z.O.M.I., the role of the hobo we see so much of in the OP sequence, and the reason why those girls wield ethereal weapons.

Speaking of girls with weapons, I can’t believe I failed to notice Nanami as one of the six girls in the OP. So yes, she’ll have an ethereal weapon of her own very soon. 🙂

By the way, does anyone else notice how Takumi sounds like Allelujah Haptism from Gundam 00?


  • During Takumi’s childhood, there was an incident where his parents forbade him to participate in an upcoming school field trip that he been looking forward to. He became so upset to the point that he cursed the trip just so that nobody can go, and even drew pictures of it. Shortly after, they learn about how the school bus that Takumi would have taken if he went to the trip got involved in an accident, exactly as Takumi drew.
  • Not long after the incident, Takumi decided to stop talking. Worried, his mother takes him to a hospital.
  • Back to the present, Takumi seems to have been complaining about sleepwalking and decides to go to the same hospital that he went to as a child. He finds the same doctor who examined him in the past, except that the doctor doesn’t seem to recognize him. Takumi is admitted to the hospital by the doctor, to observe his supposed sleepwalking disorder. Unfortunately, his sleepwalking does not happen and is eventually released.
  • Back at his place, Takumi reflects on everything Yua has told him. He tries to look for evidence to prove Yua wrong, starting with a link provided to him by Shogun relating to the impaled corpse. While investigating, he notices a figure of a man running from the scene which he later realized to be a figure of himself. What’s even more intriguing to him was the manner in which the picture was dated. According to his computer, he received the picture on the 28th of September, which appears to be in conflict with his experiences since the first time he set foot on the scene was not until the day after. He then recalls Yua mentioning something about precognition and begins to scour the web for information relating to the subject, and in the process, discovers a band whose one song talked about crucifixion/impalement. Takumi decides to check them (and the band’s lead female singer, FES) on their upcoming concert.
  • During the concert, Takumi finds FES talking about random nonsensical subjects such as the River Cocytus and the equilibrium of the world. To make things even more bizarre for Takumi, he sees FES materializing a weapon out of a microphone stand as she starts walking towards him while slowly losing a portion of her attire. Eventually, all of these reverts as if all that happened was just delusion. For some unknown reason, FES seems to be aware of the phrase, ‘Those eyes, whose eyes are they?”…much to Takumi’s horror.
  • Back at his place again, Takumi learns of a new New Generation-related incident from his online buddy, Grim. This time, it involves a corpse sitting at a bathroom stall whose skin is completely green and whose blood is completely drained out. Not far from him is the phrase, “Those eyes, whose eyes are they?” written in blood.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

How very convenient!


Yua looks pretty here

The audience's eyes are staring on Takumi

Nanami loves to make that face

Badass weapon

And another one with Chaos;Head joins the cast



  Kitsune wrote @

They have a nice range: nurse, dominatrix, clumsy girl, homicidal girl, etc. lol

  7 wrote @

@Kitsune: And this is why I like Chaos;Head. 🙂

  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

Ohwow another good anime. Gotta watch this one.

  omisyth wrote @

Seira-tan <3<3<3

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