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Gundam 00 Season 2 – Episode 4: Graham a.k.a. Mr. Bushido officially becomes a mascot


Ridiculous, yet amusing…that is, Graham’s new nickname.

Honestly, I don’t know what the creators were thinking when they came up with the name. I mean, I could probably tolerate the masked Graham, seeing how each Gundam series I’ve ever seen had one…but the horns on the mask (and helmet and even the mobile suit itself) is completely another story. But screw this…as long as I’m amused, it’s all good. Maybe when Mr. Bushido gets in a situation where he gets trapped inside a mobile suit, he can butt his head out.

On another note, the first mobile armor of the season (or the entire series as far as I’m concerned) makes its debut…only to get PWNED. If mobile armors of the future (I’m referring to other Gundam series with a futuristic timeline) are no good, what makes mobile armors of the present any better? I guess us humans really do repeat history. 🙂

As for the episode of the whole, it feels good that the four Meisters are in sync with each other as they try to defend Ptolemios. It even feels better that Sumeragi finally woke up to her senses. Keeping these two points in mind, I would say that any episode which involves tactical mobile suit-to-mobile suit combat is of pure awesomeness for me…if only the whole action scene wasn’t cut short by the approaching Kataron forces.


  • Back from Allelujah’s past as an experimental subjects, we find out his name was actually given to him by Marie, after managing to find her through her telepathic calls.
  • At Marina’s request, Celestial Being heads to Azadistan to drop off its princess.
    • Lockon is honing his sniping skills on board a simulation system, encounters a reminiscing Feldt, kisses her, and gets a slap in the face. Apparently, his intentions to make Feldt realize that he is not his brother. He also reveals how he hates to be compared.
    • Sumeragi and Allelujah have a little chat on the reasons why they fight.
  • Meanwhile, Kathy gets reaassigned under Arba Lindt’s search and destroy unit as a consequence of her failure at securing the containment facility.
    • A-LAWS showcases their latest production, the Trilobite – mobile armor powered by pseudo GN drives.
    • The Trilobite engages the unsuspecting Ptolemios by firing torpedoes capable of breeching GN shields, while getting it bombarded by chemical depth charges from the surface. All of these flood a portion of Ptolemios’ interior and make their gunports useless.
    • Despite the circumstances, Sumeragi tells the rest of the crew not to worry since the situation actually turned the tide in their favor, first because the Ptolemios has reached the depth where it can release the Gundams and second, because Trilobite attaching itself to Ptolemios is actually a telltale sign of its relative location.
  • The Gundams finally launch…and with a little aid from the Trans AM system, managed to detach the Trilobite off Ptolemios and destroy it. Just as when they were about to attack the A-LAWS command ship, Mr. Bushido appears (a.k.a. Graham Acre) with a new model of AHEAD.
    • Mr. Bushido recognizes Setsuna to be the pilot of Gundam 00 through by his maneuvers, but before he can do anything, Kataron forces appear, causing the A-LAWS forces to retreat.
  • Setsuna transfers Marina to the care of the Kataron forces. Shirin shows up to Marina’s surprise. When asked by Marina why she is with Kataron, she declares herself as a woman who stands in the way of how the Federation operates.
  • Billy finally decides to join the A-LAWS under the command of his uncle. He is to succeed Dr. Eifman on the research and development of mobile suits.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

Subjects of the Super Soldier Experiment can communicate telepathically

He watches too much Code Geass

Lyle, you pimp...

Sumeragi will only respond if you bring her alcohol

Horns are only for decoration

For a state of the art mobile armor, the best it can do is poke

This gives me an idea for a banner...



  Kitsune wrote @

Seducing people with alcohol, so evil! 😛

  gordon wrote @

Sumeragi in that tight uniform is the only reason to watch this episode. 😀

  7 wrote @

@Kitsune: Evil? I think it’s one of the oldest trick in the book. 🙂

@gordon: Damn right!

  ghostlightning wrote @

Are we not entertained? My main beef is that the mecha designs took a step backward from s1 – not that I was impressed with Dynames and Kyrios. Fatass Gundam and Exia are pure sex though.

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