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Blog Wrapper: ef – tale of melodies: Episode 3 & Yozakura Quartet: Episode 3

Apologies for the the tardiness. It’s just that this week was full of exams and these two series happen to be the very last ones I’ve seen from last week’s schedule. I have also been under a lot of stress (so the doctor says), most likely from too much work (lots of f***ing useless meetings that only yield problems instead of solutions), too much school (engineering subjects get a lot tougher by the day!)  and too little sleep, to the point that my vital statistics are off the charts. And oh, I also happen to be sick. 😦

Starting today, I will be only fully blogging Gundam 00, Toradora!, Clannad~AS, and Chaos;Head. I’ll still blog the remaining series, but I’ll just slump them altogether on what I like to call ‘Blog Wrapper’ for the most part. My schedule shall remain this way until conditions change for the better.

Please bare bear with me.

Gomen! 😦

ef – tale of melodies: Episode 3

If there’s anything I’m beginning to despise about tale of melodies, it’s the fact that they keep switching back and forth from past to present…no, let me rephrase that…it’s I despise how tale of melodies puts you on one train of thought only to wreck it later when they switch timelines. This episode was especially full of those switcheroos. While I certainly don’t appreciate this episode messing with my head, I do adore the series’ unique style of narrating.

On the positive note, we get to see Chihiro for the first time since Season 1…although I still don’t get why she keeps a notebook. Didn’t she exceed the temporal limit on her memory back on the last episode of the previous season?

Speaking of notebooks, it was all thanks to Chihiro’s inscriptions that we were able to explore a little of Kuze’s world, the reason of his bizarre demeanors (selling everything he owns), and the story behind his outlandish dreams (clones, masks, cogs, metronomes, and such). Simply put, it’s all because that HE IS ABOUT TO DIE, much to Mizuki’s dismay.

Yozakura Quartet: Episode 3

I thought of this episode as a filler. Along came a dog whom we haven’t seen before; and without much development, suddenly becomes the central figure in the episode. To make the long story short, Kujo the dog got badly possessed that it left Akira no choice but to exorcise it…and you know what happens to severely exorcised beings…they get literally toast (checkout this picture of a snake). Aside from witnessing one of the tricks out of that mischievous Kitsune’s arsenal, some comic relief, and the reappearance of the cutie nurse from Episode 1, this episode was a bit of a letdown…at least plot wise.


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