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I really don’t do much for Halloween, but I do enjoy seeing people in wonderful, if not exotic, attires. Last year while catching the train home from where I work, I saw a lot of rather creative costumes. Who would’ve thought Snow White could have so much bust breast physique? Better yet, who would’ve thought a she-devil could be so..uhm…tempting? Nonetheless, nobody could beat the pair who dressed as Mr. Pennybags (aka Rich Uncle Pennybags from the boardgame, Monopoly) and his partner, Ms. Goldigger. Yea…that’s one hell of a train ride if you ask me. 🙂 Unfortunately, I will not be going anywhere this Halloween, for I’ll be in bed, recovering from an illness.

So to all of my fellow bloggers who are well and are able to party, I wish you a Happy Halloween. Now, now…watch on the candy, okay?

Awww shit…I forgot that I was supposed to stack up on candy to give to the trick-or-treaters! How very horrifying. AHHHHHHHHHH!



  FuyuMaiden wrote @

My Halloween is basically going to be the same. I was going to a friend’s house, but I’m sick! *whine*

Oh well. I’m just going to sit around and make my puppy and kitty dress up instead.

  blissmo wrote @


  Kitsune wrote @

Happy Halloween, 7 🙂

  amayalee wrote @

Happy Halloween 7! I know I’ve been missing for a while, got really busy! But I found time to wish you all a happy halloween!!! I’ll be back to posting soon! XD

  kanzeon wrote @

Happy Halloween!!! Haha lol I should’ve trick-or-treated in your house in my nurse costume XD!!!

  Maura wrote @

Happy Halloween!!!

I went trick-or-treating tonight, but sadly not alot of people were out, we got some more later on. Maybe because it’s on a Friday for once, meaning no school tomorrow.

  7 wrote @

Thanks for the greet! Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!

  Maura wrote @

Yup I sure did!!! Lots of candy,lol.

  Maura wrote @

Aww Thank-you so much!!! I would track you but I’m still kind of new with this whole “WordPress blog” thing,lol.

I did make my banner with Adobe Photoshop, it’s the only thing I’m got at the moment.

Would you like to be blog buddies???

  7 wrote @


  Maura wrote @

Same!!! Thanx

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