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Chaos; Head – Episode 4: A lucky SOB who doesn’t even realize how lucky he is


My first reaction towards this episode was like…how the hell did Takumi manage to get these girls?! He’s not even trying to get them! Seriously, the blessings chancy encounters just keep piling up…boob grabs, crotch jobs…whatever it is, Takumi’s got it! Lolz…I guess the girls on this show has a thing or two for a chaotic heads.

That aside, the plot is finally boiling up…not only was this episode able to complete the introduction of the six girls, but we also get to see Shogun (at least in one of Takumi’s delusions). The hobo whom we see in the OP sequence appeared for the second time in this episode, making me suspect that his role might me more than just delivering doomsday messages on a piece of cardboard.

Also…I give props to Takumi for finally realizing that Rimi didn’t mean harm. Seriously, I felt sorry for Rimi because of how she gets treated by Takumi every time since that incident. Then again, I can’t imagine how I would feel if I was in his position. Still…it’s nice to hear him say something as small as a ‘thank you’ to her. 🙂


  • By the start of the episode, everyone around Takumi has become familiar with the phrase, ‘Those eyes, whose eyes are they?’
  • Takumi encounters the girl wielding the big ethereal sword he saw from the previous episode. She introduces herself as Aoi Sena, a third-year student. Upon meeting, he is immediately asked by the girl if he is able to see the ethereal sword (named the Di-Sword) she’s carrying.
  • The next day in school, Fes or rather Kishimoto Ayase, approaches Takumi first in a delusion, by saying she wants to become his bride, and second in reality by asking him to find a sword if he wants to be saved.
  • Takumi gets hold of the ‘Awakened Version’ Seira action figure. On the way home, he is met by two investigators specializing in the New Generation phenomena. After bits of frantic reactions from Takumi, they manage to get his cellphone number. Rimi pays him a visit at his place afterwards.
  • Later, Takumi starts researching about the so-called Di-Sword after remembering what Sena told him. He initially learns the sword’s invisible qualities. He later finds one at a local store…although the one he got wasn’t exactly invisible. Takumi later breaks the sword into pieces from an accident during Nanami’s visits.
  • During class the next day, we are introduced to one of the main female character we saw last episode burning things. Her name is Orihara Kozue and she is a new transfer student in Takumi’s class.
  • Much later, Takumi gets his biggest delusion yet – a delusion where everyone around him starts disappearing, followed by an encounter with none other than Shogun himself. Rolling on his wheelchair, Shogun tells Takumi to hasten his awakening..or people will die. Takumi soon finds himself in the middle of an intersection with Rimi by his side.
    • Takumi then makes a big fuss by screaming at Rimi. Rimi follows by slapping him back to his senses and hugging to calm him down…all of which made Takumi realize that she was there to help him, not kill him.
    • As he heads home, Rimi offers to walk with him. Takumi refuses by shaking his head, but was able to thank her in the least.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

Reason #1 why Taku is lucky: Free crotch job

Reason #2 why Taku is lucky: Random girl wants to be his wife

Reason #3 why Taku is lucky: Complementary Boob Grabs

The long anticipated awakened version is simply a Seira-tan in a poly-cyclops costume

The lesson of not messing with a girl with PMS and a bigass sword...this dumbass learned it the hard way

Anybody notice how she talks without moving her lips?

And I thought Shogun would be a very formidbale figure...he's just a pedophile in a wheelchair!



  acesan wrote @

Nice write up. Pretty hilarious ep, especially Rimi’s bewb grab

  nazarielle wrote @

“Anybody notice how she talks without moving her lips?”

Which makes me think that she didn’t actually talk, she just thunk it. Yes, thunk it. Why? Because I’m tired~

Anyway, Takumi has telepathy now too? Who knows~

  7 wrote @

@acesan: Thanks! Glad to know somebody is amused by the pics.

@nazarielle: Something bugged me about her…if it’s all in her head, why was Rimi able to hear her too?

  nazarielle wrote @

Oh, damn, I responded before I watched the subbed version. When I watched it this afternoon I realized that Rimi heard it as well. Oh well, there goes that idea :<

  Forgan wrote @

There’s one scene they left out of the Anime that made this part of the story much more confusing. In the game, Takumi, when he runs out of class, doesn’t leave school immediately, but instead heads for the rooftop while he contemplates where a safe place is for him now since he feels that he’s cornered wherever he goes. His cell phone rings, and he absentmindedly answers it without checking who it was since Nanami is about the only person who calls him on it.

It wasn’t Nanami.

He hears a song being played (the same song that’s played at the crosswalks, I forget the name of that song), which quickly changes into an ambulance siren. He tries to play it off as someone prank-calling him, but he slowly gets more and more freaked out and tries to pull the phone away when he realizes he can’t. The siren then turns into a high pitched static noise, at which point Takumi gets a massive headache and passes out.

When he wakes up he’s understandably freaked out and heads straight home. He doesn’t notice anyone on his way home, but the doesn’t think much of it at the time. He realizes that he’s out of supplies at home later though. So he heads to the convenience store to buy something, only to find no one there. The rest is pretty similar to the anime.

It’s too bad they took that out, I really liked that scene. But it isn’t the only creepy call he gets so maybe they’ll work those in later.

  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

I got shocked when Shogun showed up.

  7 wrote @

@nazarielle: Oh damn, I didn’t know you watch RAW. 🙂

@Forgan: Oh wow, that’s really a lot missing! Thanks for the input.

To be quite honest, it is because of this reason why I wanted to buy the game. Sadly, I cannot find an English version…at least not yet.

@Kairu Ishimaru: I got shocked he was a cripple. 🙂

  nazarielle wrote @

I’m too impatient :p And I do have a very very basic understanding of Japanese and sentence structure. It’s not much, but I can piece together stuff if I catch words here and there.

  Forgan wrote @

@7: Yeah, I’d say the phone scene is one of the biggest cuts so far though. There was also a clue near the beginning about the killer’s identity in the game that isn’t in the Anime, but there already is another clue that is in the Anime so it’s no big deal.

I know there’s an English patch floating around somewhere though, let me find it…

It’s still a beta patch though.

There’s also Chaos;Head Noah, (XBOX 360 port) which is adding a lot of stuff to the game (most notable being new routes added for the other girls, unlike the original where there were two routes/three endings but the focus was the same regardless). Unless they make a PC version of that as well, I don’t see that getting a translation. But hey, weirder things have happened.

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