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Toradora! – Episode 5: The Palmtop Tiger and the Plastic Princess


[Ah, it feels good to be healthy. I’ve finally recovered to a good healthy condition, and although I have not completely, I can at least finish some weekly blogging. Anyway, without further adieu…]

ZOMG! This episode was quite intense! Not only did the new bitch main character made her appearance; the pressure on Taiga when it comes to Kitamura just rose to a whole new level! I have to say, there has yet to be a more enjoyable scene than the exchange of muckraking between Taiga and Ami. I love how the episode made me think Taiga lost the verbal quarrel in the near end, only to make me realize that Taiga has just found something Ami’s trying to hide. Can’t wait until next week to find out what that is! [Do keep in mind that I have not seen beyond the Anime….yes, not the manga, not the novel]

And gawd…Minori!!! What the hell was that scary face for? My image of her sank down a little bit. 😦 Forgive me!!!!


  • Ryuuji once again manages to take Taiga along with him to the family restaurant where Minori works, only to find out that Minori took the day off.
  • To much of their surprise, Kitamura makes an appearance along with at the very same model whom Taiga has just seen from a magazine.
  • Kitamura introduces the new character, Kawashima Ami, as his childhood friend. Ami follows by engaging in very pleasant and well mannered conversation, even declaring herself as an airhead.
    • Apparently Ryuuji finds out from Kitamura (both of which left the table under the guise of going to the bathroom) that this good-natured behavior of Ami’s is only a cover-up to her real egotistic and selfish attitude.
  • Meanwhile, Taiga is about to find out about the real Ami firsthand as she starts receiving obnoxious remarks from her (remarks which targeted her size)…
    • …to which Taiga reacts by slapping Ami on the face under the guise of ridding her of a mosquito.
    • Of course, Ami gets mad, but immediately converts her emotion to tears as Kitamura and Ryuuji makes his way back.
    • Kitamura then decides to take their leave and take Ami home.
  • The next day, Taiga and Ryuuji gets a surprise as Ami makes an appearance at their school as a transfer student.
  • Kitamura later reveals that his intention of not letting anyone know about Ami’s transfer was so that everyone can learn about her true self.
  • Later that day, Ami approaches Ryuuji who was trying to get a drink from a vending machine. She tells Ryuuji about how her air-headedness could’ve made Taiga mad. She then tells him not to tell anyone about it. Ryuuji agrees, though unbeknownst to Ami, he is well aware of her true nature.
  • After school, Taiga gets a rather rude encounter from Ami in which a verbal quarrel shortly follows. Unfortunately for Taiga, Ami was able exploit her fear of being hated by Kitamura, ultimately upsetting her.
  • Ryuuji later finds her moping under a blanket only to be interrupted by his mother’s need for a sauce (that’s supposedly for one of the dishes Ryuuji made).
  • The two then head for the store to get some. Along the way, they notice Ami in a disguise carrying a bag of groceries. Taiga, who is just as confused as Ryuuji, immediately references a page on a magazine talking about Ami taking a break from modeling. She then follows up with a smile, giving hint to something she’s realized after a short deduction.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

I miss my favorite anime MILF


Don't be fooled by her apperances

And the muckraking begins...

Minori...WTF are you doing?!

And I thought Halloween already ended

Taiga is small after all



  nazarielle wrote @

“…only to make me realize that Taiga has just found something Ami’s trying to hide. Can’t wait until next week to find out what that is!”

This is just a guess, as I’ve not read/seen the manga either, but I think Taiga recognizes being in that position. Ryuuji remarked about how she never ate proper meals, and so I think Taiga saw a bit of her old self in Ami. Which makes me think that Ami’s parents (or maybe just her mom) threw her out and told her to improve or she couldn’t come back. Or maybe she wanted to move out herself to get away from her parent(s). But whatever the case, I get the feeling Taiga is going to know exactly what buttons to press, as I’m pretty sure she knows what it’s like to be in that position. I can’t wait to see Ami get what’s coming to her 😀

  Kairu Ishimaru wrote @

My favorite Minori scene 😀

  kiruxsuki wrote @

Ami is really someone whom Taiga can see herself through. I dislike Ami… but with this show having such likable characters as the story progresses, maybe I’ll end up liking Ami XD.

  53RG10 wrote @

I’m still not set on Ami…her character is quite deep once you get to know her story…but, I don’t know if I like her ’cause her character is deep or I like her because I feel sorry for her…>_>

Whatever, for now it’s all about the Taiga love! ^_^

  blissmo wrote @

I can’t wait until the next episode either! Even though Ami is such a cold bitch, I think she’s still awesome and it was cute seeing Taiga cry 😀

  kanzeon wrote @

At first, I thought I’ll be hating Ami but I guess she’s alright and she doesn’t end up on the list of slutty-bitches (only bitchy-bitches ^_^ which is fine with me). Her relationship with Kitamura-kun is also interesting and I wonder how Kitamura would help Ami become more of herself. And lol at Minorin in this episode XD! She is very hilarious XD.

OMG I can’t wait for the next episode!

  7 wrote @

@nazarielle: Oh just she waits…Ami will get a taste of her own medicine. 🙂

@Kairu Ishimaru: That’s a scary favorite!

@kiruxsuki: In this show, anyone can get likable at the end!

@53RG10: Deep character you say? You kinda feel sorry for her? Wow…her background must be really something. You just made my anticipation level for next week’s episode even higher! 🙂

@blissmo: Haven’t we learned that beneath the cold bitchy layer is a sensitive nature?…oh wait, I just stole the Tsundere definition. 🙂

@kanzeon: Minorin was kinda acting weird lately. Oh well. Can’t wait till’ the next episode as well!

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