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Gundam 00 Season 2 – Episode 5: A-LAWS vs Kataron….Counter-Terrorists Win!


For the first time this season, the side opposing the A-LAWS finally got their ass handed to them (No, I’m not saying Celestial Being got PWNED. Hell no!)…all because of gay-ass Saji doesn’t want any fighting anymore…

okay…maybe it wasn’t completely his fault. But still, if he only endured living quietly with the Kataron operatives for the time being, the base would still have remained invisible to the eyes of the Federation’s dogs, and the disaster would not have happened…yet. But noo…he had to be a RETARD and had to go in a jeep in the middle of nowhere! Surely, any random guy who comes out of the desert out of nowhere will inevitably get asked the question…”where the f**k have you been and what the hell were you doing in the desert?!”

On another note, did anyone else get amused by the name of Ribbons’ protégé? I know I did! Seriously…Revive Revival?! WTF is that?! It’s bad enough we get someone whose name is Ribbons, now this? Lolz…I’m dying to know what the next name will be.

There’s also Wang Liu Mei’s change of fashion says. It seems as if she’s getting less and less loli and more and more, well, masculine by the episode. Her black sleeveless top simply raises a red flag in my head. I like the younger Wang Liu Mei back! 😦


  • Earth Federation publicly holds Celestial Being responsible for the assault on the containment facility and uses this as reason to deploy the A-LAWS. The Federation then considers Celestial Being as a terrorist organization.
  • We find out that the Federation uses pseudo-GN particles over countries that do not conform to the Federation to attack their economy by scrambling any modes of communication. Fortunately for Kataron, it is because of the very same pseudo-GN particles that their base has remained hidden from the Federation forces.
  • Marina Ismail, along with Saji Crossroad is brought to the Kataron base by Celestial Being to be put under the care of Shirin, as well as the other Kataron members. Later, Saji decides to cut ties with both Celestial Being and Kataron, justifying how these two factions will just cause more fighting. He manages to get himself a ride out of the base and in to the desert.
  • Marina decides to head for Azadistan. Setsuna complies and heads out with a shuttle instead of a Gundam, following Sumeragi’s suggestion. The rest of Celestial Being then takes their leave from the Kataron base.
  • Saji encounters a Federation ship, is captured and detained to be brought under Colonel Sergei Smirnov. Although initially suspected by the ship’s crew members as a Kataron member, Sergei later dismisses the accusations after hearing Saji’s story of how he got involved with Celestial Being and Kataron. Unbeknownst to them, a crew member overhears their conversation and immediately reports his findings to the higher ups.
  • With the Kataron base discovered, A-LAWS is then dispatched for an assault. Kataron soon find themselves outgunned as their rather obsolete mobile suits are slowly taken out by their newer counterparts. To make things even more disastrous for the Kataron operatives, automatrons in ‘kill mode’ are deployed to the inner quarters of their base.
  • Fortunately for them, the Gundams come to their aid (with the exception of Gundam 00). A dogfight among mobile suits soon takes place. Mr. Bushido, who was present at that time, refuses to participate in the combat, most likely because of Setsuna’s absence. Soon, A-LAWS calls a retreat seeing as to how they’ve completed their primary objective of inflicting damage to the Kataron base.The three miesters find themselves horrified by the sight of the massive casualties inflicted by the automatrons.
  • Meanwhile, Setsuna and Marina arrive at their destination, only to be greeted by Azadistan in flames. Not far from their position, we see Ali Al Sarshes in one of the Thrones Gundam.

In the near future, cameras (or guns?) will be equipped with laser pointers for quite literally, killer precision!

Mr. Bushido has yet to work on his Mr. Bushido pose...Shirin and the other guy agrees.

First graders at the Academy of Terrorism

Oh? Tieria just said his first joke ever


Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Gundams to the rescue!



  nazarielle wrote @

All that and you didn’t post the most awesome picture. Saji finally getting decked~

  7 wrote @

@nazarielle: It simply did not interest me. 🙂

  nazarielle wrote @

Hahaha, I loved it, finally got at least a bit of what was coming to him

  lodestar21 wrote @

Names of the other Innovators?

Healing Care
Anew Returner
Bring Stabity

That’s from what I know

  7 wrote @

@nazarielle: Lol. Saji was especially whiny this episode.

@lodestar21: Cool info! Thanks! I guess I was right about the weird naming trend.

  sho wrote @

Bring Stabity … haha, I’m dieing

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