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Clannad~After Story – Episode 5: Looking at Misae’s past


Ah…off with a brand new arc, and the plot is already getting hot! I have to say, I really don’t get that much excited for any episodes pertaining to arc beginnings. I thought this was no different…at least until I the kicked things off when Misae found out that guy he’s interested in is already interested with somebody else!

And oh yea, new prominent characters, much of which are from Misae’s past. There’s Igarashi, Misae’s love interest, and Shima, who has a love interest in Misae…all of which make the components of what I’d like to call a four-link love chain. Basically, Person A likes B, B likes C, and C likes D. 🙂 To be quite honest, I’ve never seen any relationship like this before; then again, Clannad is a rather creative series.

On another note, it’s glad to see Sunohara getting beat up again, this time by Misae. Who could’ve thought Misae was capable of pile driving/body slamming?


  • The first part of the episode consists of Tomoya and Nagisa paying Misae a visit. After an encounter with a cat, they learn that Misae was punishing Sunohara for trying to sell her pet. Later, she explains how she started caring for it after following her around for quite some time. It is because of this reason why the cat has remained nameless.
  • Tomoyo later shows up to get some advice from Misae, apparently, advice on how to pull off a week in which no student is neither tardy or absent. She is then followed by a young fellow whom Misae provided with flyers for an autumn festival, apparently, to suggest the event as a perfect setting for a date.
  • After Tomoyo leaves, Tomoya, Nagisa and Misae head back to Misae’s room. Nagisa and Misae find themselves engaged in a seemingly interesting conversation. Tomoya eventually gets sleepy, and while looking at the cat, hears a rather strange voice telling him to grant somebody’s wish. A flashback soon follows…
  • In the flashback, we see a young Misae trying to get a change to walk with her crush, Igarashi. All of a sudden, he is approached by a boy who does not appear to be in the same school she goes to. After a bit of confusion, Igarashi mistakes the boy is Misae’s boyfriend, much to Misae’s discontent.
  • The boy introduces himself as Shima, and apparently, claims to have been aided by Misae while he was at a hospital. His intention was simply to grant Misae a wish of any magnitude. Initially, Misae doubts him at first, but eventually finds herself taking care of him.
  • While waiting for Misae outside the quarters of her school, Shima is encountered by Igarashi and is told by him that he is well aware Misae harbors feelings for him but unfortunately is already seeing somebody. Igarashi then makes a request on Shima to convey what he just said to Misae in while inflicting the least possible pain.
  • Shima couldn’t help but look depressed when Misae find him. When asked what’s wrong, he responds by saying how a girl that he likes who likes somebody else is already seeing some other girl. Misae initially has no clue that Shima is referring to her until she sees Igarashi passing by at a distance with his girlfriend. In shock, Misae speaks of how idiotic she is, asks Shima why he’s the one crying, and eventually runs off.

7’s Top Seven Most Influential/Intriguing/Insignificant/Idiotic Screen Caps

You're brand new M249 PARA Light Machine Gun is ready

Meet Shima

Misae was skilled with wrestling then... she is now

I want chicken...I want liver...Meow Mix, Meow Mix, please deliver

Speaking of cats, I'd love to pat the cat's back!

There's also the cute Nagisa scene



  nazarielle wrote @

Cute Nagisa/Tomoya scene = win

Spineless jerk having Shima be the one to tell Misae that he has a girlfriend = epic fail

  Maura wrote @

I keep having mixed thoughts over wether I should watch this or not. I’m really unsure =( But Maybe I’ll soon decide, nice review.

  FuyuMaiden wrote @

Oh lol, the screencaps always make me laugh.

Hmm, I pretty much already consider this arc a gigantic success by having Misae be a NagisaxTomoya supporter and with the introduction to Shima (my god he’s adorable).

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