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Skip Beat! – Episode: 4

So sorry that I haven’t posted the previous three episodes or all the other episodes of the other series. It’s just that I’ve been very very busy with school. So you can blame them.

I actually have tried to play “catch up to all the blogging I have missed” but to no avail, I couldn’t. I actually had episode one written out, but by the time I actually had enough screen shots to put into my post, it was already two weeks late. So I stopped trying and decided that when I did actually have the time I’ll blog all the recent ones. So here I am, with extra time in my hands, finally.

Shala’s Thoughts

FINALLY! This is Kyoko-sama’s first big step into the entertainment world! That means it’s all going up hill from here! A very very bumpy hill but it’s still going up hill! No more, sad stuff happening to my Kyoko-sama. Well not for like a few episodes… Anyways, plus I hated the fact that she just gave up! I mean that’s not Kyoko at all! She needs to be desperate, full of guts, and stalking/scaring people into what she wants. In a very polite Kyoko-esque way of course.

Short Summary

Kyoko finds a day job at a gas station. During her shift, Sho happens to stop by for gas. We all know Kyoko wants a piece of him, but in order to keep her identity a secret she stays low. She did a pretty good job because even though they looked each other right in the eyes, Sho didn’t recognize her at all. Which pissed Kyoko off quite a bit.

With a considerable amount of thinking, frustration, and a little push, Kyoko decides to go back to LME and continue her pursuit. Lucky for her, LME was waiting for her to reappear at their door. However, knowing Kyoko, she decideds to skip the front desk all together and just sneak in. Where she uneventfully runs over her first client on the job. What job would that be? Well LME’s first member of the LOVE ME SECTION! To congratulate Kyoko in doing so well, her first client awards her with -10 points! Ouch. It’s okay Kyoko! I know you’ll rise as a star… even though Ren has the wrong impression of you.

Shala’s Random Screen Shots

Hehe... REN *drools*

KA... ME... HA... ME......

OH MY GOD! They saw me! THEY SAW ME!

... look another one. Can't you people just let me go super seiyan, before you walk in on me?!

What in the... ROFLMAO. Iono don't ask... The president is strange, but I like him.



  Maire wrote @

YAY your reviewing a series that I’m reviewing and actually can give my thoughts on fully.

Yup!! Your screencaps captured all the joyness of Skip Beat!! Tho I enjoyed episode 5 more then this episode. Tho it made me laugh when you were talking about a “Steep” hill, because of a scene in next episode =D

  Shala wrote @

@Maire: ROFLMAO…you’re right. I was being metaphorical, but I guess it applies to the next episode too, literally. XD

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